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Welcome to FashionSquash!

My name is Jesslyn (jez-slyn), 19 years of age, born and raised in London!
Currently a studying a degree in Fashion Design.

I started this blog mainly because I had nothing to do with my spare time during my days off college. I was hugely inspired by other fashion and beauty bloggers and decided to start one up in November 2012.

I wanted my blog to be mainly based on fashion but I decided to delve deeper into other things such as beauty.
FashionSquash also includes random posts about my life and different (crazy) experiences.
As an aspiring fashion designer, I throw in pieces of what I'm getting up to, designer wise, as well.

This is just my space to document my personal style and share with you all, the new trends and my opinion on the latest products.

Hope you love FashionSquash as much as I do, have fun reading!

I'm very grateful for everyone that reads my blog, comments and provides feedback!
Thank you so much and I hope you'll continue to support me!


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Jesslyn xo

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