Monday, 1 January 2018


Happy New Year!

Another year has flown by (2017 went by ridiculously quick!) and all I can say is I hope you have a plan because before you know it, we’ll be saying the same thing, 365 days from now.

I winged 2017, I didn’t really set strict goals at the start, I knew what I wanted to achieve as the year went by and I’m proud to say I accomplished the goals I subconsciously set for myself.

A few highlights, passing my driving test first time in February 2017, a great way of starting the year. Driving was something I really wanted to do in 2017 and I was determined to be a driver throughout 2017. Which leads me to my next accomplishment, I bought my first car (will do a post later on!), in May 2017, it was definitely a huge, huge achievement and I’m very proud and grateful.

Education wise, I finished my degree, to say it was hard is an understatement but I did it. I did it!

 I graduated from the University of East London with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design. I finished uni back in Spring 2017 but our uni doesn’t have a graduation until November so it’s still quite fresh to me. I still look at my graduation pictures (nearly every other day, I admit I’m obsessed!) and smile because it’s such a big thing for me and my family. Being the eldest, I’ve pathed the way for my younger siblings and shown them that it can be done no matter what obstacles are thrown at you.
2017 was a stepping stone for me, I overcame health struggles and I’m learning how to manage my lupus. I got 2 new jobs in the same company and I’ve started the behind the scenes of my business launching soon.

I’m really looking forward to 2018, I’ve set some crazy goals for myself but looking at what I accomplished in the past year, I know I can smash these goals with flying colours. It onwards and upwards from here on out.
I hope everyone has set goals and tasks for themselves, even if you slack along the way, don’t beat yourself up, just overcome the obstacles and keep pushing.

Happy 2018 and have a wonderful and prosperous year!

Take care, Jesslyn x

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