Saturday, 21 October 2017

Time for Dr Martens

It's never too early (in my eyes) to whip out your Winter boots, I'm not a fan of being cold, my feet and head must be warm at all times so it's no surprise that I'm already sporting my Dr Martens. My manager was shocked (and quite amused) to see me wearing my UGGs to work one September morning.
If my feet are warm then I'm a happy girl!

I love my docs, they're perfect, they look good but also feel good. They can feel heavy when you first start wearing them but you eventually get used to them. I drove to work in them for the first time last week and I found my self pressing the pedals quite firmly not realising how heavy they were. After a couple drives, I got used to the pressure I'm supposed to apply. I'm quite a confident driver so it didn't put me off wearing them to drive, plus my feet were extra cosy so win-win.

These are my go-to at the moment, what are your go-to A/W shoes? Are you like me and are whipping out the heavy duty boots or are you waiting a bit for 'real Winter'?

Dr Martens Serena 8 Eye II Boot

Take care, Jess x

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