Thursday, 26 October 2017

Bye Acrylics

Yes, you read the title correctly!

I am no longer an acrylic nail veteran, au naturale is the way I've been living this past month or so.
Now, this change wasn't by choice, when you have to go out into the real world and have to get a job, one of the biggest requirements is to have natural or short nails.
In my case, natural nails was a must because I needed to match the ethic of the brand.

I've been having major withdrawal symptoms, I've just started getting used to it. I work in the beauty industry at the moment so I get to have my nails done regularly which has softened the blow a little.
I personally feel I needed this transition to natural, I've had acrylics nails on religiously for 5 years and I'm glad I've had this opportunity to be able to take a break and appreciate my natural-ness.

I'm still sticking to doing my favourite colour. . . nude.
My nails are quite damaged from the acrylics so I've been wearing lighter colours and using a cuticle oil to help repair them. My nails grow very fast and I'm already seeing the new growth looking so healthy. I'll do some before and afters later on in the year and what I've done to help repair them as I know having healthy nails is something that we love to have.

So that's me for now, au naturale (until further notice!)

Take care, Jess!

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