Monday, 16 October 2017

Beverly Hills Formula Professional White*

*This post contains gifted items by Beverly Hills Formula, all views/opinions/experiences expressed within the post are all my own.

I am that person that has no faith in teeth whitening products, mainly because of fake advertisement by celebs and I don't feel brands take into consideration how long it will take to see a difference and it's usually not the '2 week transformation' they're promising on the label.

I was sent a toothpaste and mouthwash by Beverly Hills Formula to test out and this is my honest experience with it.

The products claims to eliminate bacteria causing bad breath, neutralise remaining odours and remove surface and deep stains without harming the enamel.
It advises to brush twice daily and to use the mouthwash after brushing.

So nothing too crazy promised on the packet which to me gives me some hope in the thinking the product will work. They haven't promised ice white teeth in 7 days, which companies usually do.

I was using it on and off for a month when I first received it, I wanted to compare the feel of it between my normal toothpaste so alternated between the two daily. I noticed that the BHF toothpaste made my teeth feel very, very smooth after use, almost 'pearly' like as opposed to my normal toothpaste that gave me just the fresh and clean feel.

After a month of on and off use, I started using it twice daily to see if I could see a difference in whiteness, to cut long story short, my teeth look brighter and slightly whiter but I didn't see a huge difference in the 2 months of using it.
I feel that long term use will be effective, I'm a huge tea drinker so it does stain my teeth and I have noticed my teeth to be so much brighter after use.

It doesn't promise white teeth and I was expecting to have white teeth after using it, I understood from the product that I'd have brighter teeth and a fresher mouth which I feel this product has done for me.
It's so easy for brands to mislead consumers and I am impressed that BHF hasn't tried deceive consumers when it's so easy to do so.
I've finished the mouthwash but I have a little bit of the toothpaste left, I'd definitely purchase it and make it 'my' toothpaste. I'll do an update maybe 6 months from now so you guys can see a before and after after a long period of use.
For now, I'm really pleased with the results and I'd say give it a try especially if you're someone that drinks a lot of coffee, tea or coloured drinks.

Take care, Jess x

Can be purchased at Superdrug.

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