Sunday, 20 August 2017

I CUT MY HAIR (for real this time)

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you'd know I've taken two trips to the barbers and both times, I was so nervous, I could shit myself.
It felt so weird to be someone that has had long hair to now having a pair of clippers swept across your head. It's been the strangest change, not only for me but for my parents too who never thought they'd see their daughter in a barbers, let alone sitting in the chair.
As a Nigerian, my parents (dad more so) see hair as a sign of beauty and also being heavily invested in religion, hair is a sign of strength and cutting it, represents you weakening yourself.
That's the "belief".

However, I see it as switching up the do and slaying. Hair is just hair and it will grow back.
I've loved having my hair so short, it's been so easy to look after and do in the morning, well there's not much to do.
I do want to dye it, in the near future but not 100% on what colour yet so I've stuck to black for the time being.
My hair is naturally curly so I've been wearing it like so, I haven't attempted finger waves yet which I will, I just have to have the patience to do it. When I do, I'll defnitely show you guys.

The products I'm using haven't changed much but I'll do updated hair routine in my next hair related post.

I've been enjoying watching natural hair journeys so it's been fun starting my own journey. It's sort of a journey to nowhere because my aim isn't really to grow it, more so to have healthy hair until I feel I want to grow it long again.

What do you guys think of my new cut? I'm scared to go different in terms of shaving styles but I will try find some inspiration before I sit in the barbers' chair again and ask for something snazzy.

Have any of you gone and got a drastic cut recently? Let me know how you're loving it!

Take care, Jesslyn x

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