Wednesday, 2 August 2017

3 Rules to a Simple, Slaying Outfit

I'm that person that panics when invited to an event because 'I have no clothes', goes around the whole London looking for an outfit and then settles for the simplest outfit.

Simple is best.

Less is more.

Always works for me, I just stress myself out trying to be extra when there's no need.

I go by these 3 basic rules:


When you have no idea what to wear, stick to looking for one garment, whether it be a dress, a jumpsuit or a playsuit. It makes life so much easier, you don't have to worry about what will go with what and once you have found 'the one', the task is over!


I have found what when I'm struggling to look for an outfit, I either go for something printed or I just opt for black. You cannot go wrong with black, ever.
A printed piece is perfect because it speaks for itself, you don't need anything to 'jazz' up the outfit, a simple pair of heels (or kicks) and minimal jewelery will do.
Black is great too because everything goes with black, you can easily pair any shoe and a fancy clutch with it and you're good to go.

STWYK (stick to what you know!)

 For me, this is the most important rule. When you're short of time to find an outfit, experimenting with fits and shapes you're not familiar with is a no-no. Sitck to what you know suits you and you know you're comfortable wearing. It makes the shopping experience easier and stress-free.

I'm wearing

PRIMARK (old) Cobalt Heels (alternative)
Sparkly Hoops (alternative 1 / 2)

Hope you'll remember these rules next time you're shopping for an outfit under pressure (or not haha)!
Thanks for reading, Jess.

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  1. Such a great advice! It's true a simple jumpsuit and heels could go a long way as an outfit


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