Monday, 31 July 2017

UPDATE | Why I Haven't Been Blogging

Wow, when you look at when I lasted posted on FashionSquash, it's hard to believe that 6-7months has gone by. I really thought that I'd be able to stick with blogging when the new year had begun but that entirely wasn't the case.

The last year of uni was such a struggle, I'd never been so stressed in my life.
Uni was the least of my worries as with the stress, I became very ill, I was diagnosed with Lupus during Summer last year and have been trying to balance being healthy and getting daily sh*t done.

To be honest, other than trying to get my degree completed, I've been bed bound. Being someone that's active, going to the gym 4/5 times a week, on the sewing machine up until 4am, it was difficult to be absolutely useless.

I'm not someone that likes to dwell on a negative especially when it's to do with my health. I've got my degree out the way and I'm now getting back into my gym routine, focusing on getting stronger and healthier. Also, my appetite was so bad during uni and it's only in the past couple of weeks, I've built my appetite back up.
Blogging is something I love doing alongside fashion design so I always find myself wanting to get back into the swing of it even if it's been half a year since I last posted. I love being able to share my experiences (and outfits) with you guys so I definitely don't want to give up on it.
I've also had a surge of followers and brands emailing so it's given me a lot of motivation as I feel people are still reading and interacting.

I do want to incorporate more of my 'lifestyle' into my blog, gym workouts, food I'm eating, hair care now that my hair is shorter etc. I defintely want to share what it's like living with Lupus and what I do to keep myself well so that'll be an informative addition to my blog.

I have a YouTube channel with my sister, Alexandria & Jesslyn, where we post vlogs and challenges so that's also a great way of keeping up to date in video form.

I was thinking about changing my blog name but I'm not sure what to change it to so I'll keep it the same for now until I've thought of something.

Hope you all are looking forward to some new content on here, it's been a minute!

Thanks for reading and make sure you follow so you don't miss out, J.

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