Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lookin' Real Swaggy

First OOTD of 2017 and if I must say so myself, I'm lookin' real swaggy.
I've got a new look going on, I love switching up my style every now and then, I feel I can pull off many looks so I don't mind stepping out of the box and throwing on new things. 

I got this amazing green jacket over the Christmas period, I'm not one for bright colours but it was a bargain and I couldn't resist. I got it in a size 14 because I wanted it to be oversized and be able to wear loads underneath in this cold weather and then in Spring wear it open with a cute bralet or something and it would still look nice oversized.

I got these Dr Martens as a Christmas gift from my sister, I've been wearing them every chance I get, basically everyday. They're so comfy once you break them in, which wasn't too bad anyway. I love them, I'd been wanting them for years but I couldn't bring myself to buy them even though I really wanted them. They are the Serena boots, the fur lined ones, uhh-maazingg.

As you can see my hair is shorter (next post!) and these clear lense glasses and hoops have been my uniform. I'm going to build a lovely collection.
Now my hair is shorter, I feel like as soon as I throw on the hoops my look is complete, not too much hustle and bustle. Love that. 

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Jacket & Joggers (alternative
EBAY Clear Lense Glasses
PRIMARK Messenger Bag
DR MARTENS Serena Boots

Hope you guys like my first OOTD of 2017 and are looking forward to more.

Take care,

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