Thursday, 1 December 2016

Simple Brows & Eyes ft MUA

Mascara | Eyeliner | Brow Tinted Mascara

I've cut back on make up drastically these past few months and I've been loving it. Back to the beginning of 2015, I was wearing make up every day that I attended uni, to go shopping etc. the only time I didn't was gym.
Nowadays, I've got so comfortable going make up less, whether it be going to uni or going for my driving lesson, throwing on a beanie or a pair of clear lense glasses (I'll have a post on them soon!) does the trick.
I've talked about my relationship with make up before so I won't go into major detail about it.
Taking a step back with make up allows me to enjoy it more when I actually want to wear it for special occasions or when I want to feel extra glam.

Due to not wearing as much, I've been focusing mainly on grooming the brows and wearing mascara/eyelashes. I tried individual lashes but my eyes were very irritated with having to sleep with them and wear them 24/7, I did like them so maybe I'll have to find another glue or something that will not trouble my precious eyes.

I've been needing a new mascara for the longest time, I'd been using my BarryM one until its last breath and it was time for a refresh so I picked up one by MUA. I hate buying mascaras, to me, it's like having to buy a new deodorant, a chore. Spending over a fiver on mascara never appeals to me because of false advertisement, I'd rather go for a cheap one and know that it will get the job done. I usually go for volumising mascaras not lengthening ones.

I haven't worn eye liner in about 2 years and I thought it as time to pick one up. My IG feed has been flooded lately with some amazing eye liner work and it's inspired me to get back on it. I love the way my eyes look with it, especially with eyelashes on, when drawn correctly (which is hardly ever!) my eyes look way bigger, which is great on days I've decided to do a How To Get Away With Murder marathon at 3am.

Lastly, I picked up a brow mascara by MUA. It's so handy to have, when you don't want to do the full works on the brows and just need some darkening or more fullness, it's great to able to whip this out.
When I first used it, I was a bit heavy handed not realising how effective it was until I looked at my face fully in the mirror. I've got the hang of it now and definitely recommend it.

So those are my three staple products I've been using more or less daily, they're handy products to have especially if you want to throw something to go shopping or you want to look alive.
They're fairly cheap too!

Mascara Eyeliner Brow Tinted Mascara

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