Friday, 7 October 2016

Jesslyn Robert | Faux Fur Gilet

There is this new found confidence when you wear something that you've designed, knowing you can sport something that you've worked on is such a good feeling.

As promised, I'm featuring some Jesslyn Robert pieces on FashionSquash. I never get round to shooting what I've designed and I think it's time that I did share that side of my life on here and make it a habit or a routine of shooting my garms.
I've made many a jacket and Winter is around the corner and I enjoy constructing jackets and coats so I'm looking forward to sharing them with you all.

I've kicked it off with something simple, a faux fur gilet. It was super quick to make and I'm surprised I hadn't made one sooner. I bought the fur a while ago, with not having a clue on what I'd use it for, I just loved the colour and the feel of it. Towards the end of the Summer, I said I'd use this fur because the fabric collection was becoming unbearable so with that, I produced a lovely gilet.

People have asked me if I could make them one and to be honest, I'd love to however I won't be mass producing. I'm a perfectionist so I really want all aspects on my brand to be up and ready to take on customers. If you really (really) want me to make you a fur gilet or anything else I post, just drop me an email at

I'm wearing


Thanks for reading and I hope you're looking forward to it. Take care, Jess.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Short Hair Club

A change was needed so a change happened. You guys know I was longing to switch up my hair and not just a little switch. I wanted a statement hairstyle, something that would make everyone say 'wow Jess, I didn't even realise that was you!' 
I accomplished that with this hairstyle, my long curly hair given up for this amazing pixie cut. I'm a huge fan of wigs and weaves so doing a switch up like this didn't hurt me or my hair. I'm never scared to try a new hair do because I know that after 2 weeks, I could be rocking something completely fresh.

I've had some amazing compliments on my hair and it's warmed me up inside. I'm back to uni and it's my last year so creating a look is my challenge this year. By the time I've put my collection out there, I want my style to have been and be a statement. I'm quite a lazy dresser, same with my hair so I definitely want to make more of an effort.
Trust me, you guys are going to see all the looks I'm coming with. my wardrobe has had a revamp.

What do you guys think of my new do? I'm loving it (short is so much easier to manage).

Take care,
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