Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Feel Refreshed after the Summer Break

Summer is over. September is here. Autumn is coming, the wind, rain and brown leaves are coming.
You've had your fun and now it's time to get back to work. Work could be literal or it could mean back to uni, school, college etc. It's time to get those butts out of relaxation mode, for many, getting back into a solid routine is super difficult. You've been drankin', sleeping late, partying hard, eating rubbish food and now you're trying to force yourself to get back into a great state of mind and you're just super drained. Yes, I know the feeling.

These are going to be my 5 tips on how to feel refreshed after the Summer break:


First of, put those bottles away, far away and get some H20 in your system, lots of it. For me, drinking loads of water helps my body rejuvenate as it should yours. 2 litres a day should get you feeling alive again, whether it be that you're dehydrated or your skin/hair isn't looking its best, a water detox is essential.


Majority of the time, September means you're starting somewhere new, you want to feel brand new so why not switch out your wardrobe? As you evolve, so does your style. A jumper you loved a few months ago could be making you feel frumpy or those jeans you've been wearing aren't fitting too great, well it's time to get those out the wardrobe and gets some new bits in. Depop, eBay and charity shops are great ways of getting rid and you can also make money from selling old clothes for new ones.


I'm someone that lovessss to change my hair, whether it be from long to short, black to red or curly to straight. Since I've started my Summer, I've stuck to my curly hair, I've loved it but it's time for a change, possibly a drastic one. Sometimes you need that, a new hairstyle to bring out the life in you. As a girl, changing our hair can make us feel like a new person. So why not get down to the hairdressers and get you a new do.


If you're that kind of person that loves your space to look pretty and you've had your room/office set up a certain way, maybe it's time to swap things around. Get some plants around your space, paint the walls, switch your desk around, get a new rug, anything, basically do a spring clean but an Autumn one. Trust me, you'll feel refreshed and ready to work.


Lastly, organisation is key. You've been out the loop for a little bit and a routine needs to be set in stone. A calendar or a diary is very useful to have, plan your week, even your month if you can. It makes life so much easier, especially if you're juggling work and education or multiple jobs.
Being able to know when you should be working or resting puts your mind at rest and prevents a build up of stress.
Another way that works for me is, setting alarms. Alarms for everything, I'm talking, breakfast, lunch, dinner, gym, medication/vitamins. It helps me get used to doing things at the right and it definitely works. It stops you putting things off that need to be done.

So those are my tips on how to feel refreshed after Summer, after any long break in fact. It's all about making yourself feel brand new and ready to work. I'm trying to get back into the work flow and trust me all these tips I've given to you guys have definitely worked for me. New hairstyle pending!

Take care,

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