Sunday, 4 September 2016

Bristol Photo Diary

Bristol, what a picturesque city.
I'm not someone that travels around the UK much, I stay in London or I go on holiday, not really a 'go up to Scotland' kind of gal. I like exotic places, I mean, who doesn't?
My uncle lives in Bristol and has been inviting me to come down since the beginning of Summer, I honestly wish I did about 3 trips to Bristol before having to get back into the flow of work.
I went over the bank holiday weekend so I missed Notting Hill carnival. We arrived Saturday lunch time, the weather wasn't great, it was raining quite heavy but we still ventured out after having some lunch.
We hit the hills to look over at the suspension bridge, the views were amazing, crazy amazing. I'm not a fan of greenery but I love landscapes and looking over water, something so calming about it.
After the views, we headed to the city to look around and then headed home.
One thing I never thought I'd love doing was . . . mandala colouring. It's an adult colouring book and it was so relaxing to just sit there and colour. (I'll do a post about it lol!)

The next day we went to Stokes Croft, I loved this area, it was full of art and inspiration, there were so many beautiful buildings as well.
I took loads of pictures so I put together a mini photo diary of my trip, I'll definitely go down again but for now enjoy the imagery!

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