Wednesday, 31 August 2016

LIFE UPDATE | Summer, Changes + Plans

Yes, I know. Where have I been? To be quite honest with you guys, I've been enjoying my Summer. 
My posts throughout the Summer haven't been greatly consistent but it's quality over quantity for me and I'd rather put out amazing content for you guys. 
I been chilling.
N'yaming nuff food, going ham in the gym and just spending time with the important people in my life.
Nothing wrong with that.
When I'm working on something, I love to work real hard on it so taking breaks or being inconsistent with my blog is very difficult but it's always good to take a step back and come running back, super refreshed.

My Summer has been full of endless BBQ's, birthdays, hardcore gym sessions, shopping and more food! I didn't get to go on holiday this year mainly because I couldn't be asked to plan one, laziness in it's pure form however I do wish I did because it's all hustle and grind until next Summer.

Now, other than having so much fun this Summer, I've added another baby to look after, me and my sister's YouTube channel, Alexandria & Jesslyn. We literally started it up in July and we've been pretty much vlogging our crazy antics, so make sure you head over there and subscribe!
Most of what we got up to this Summer was actually vlogged as opposed to being here on FashionSquash so defo have a watch and a laugh!

September's fast approaching and the fun and games are coming to an end and it's time to get some organisation and routine back in my life. I'm craving it.
First of all, FashionSquash.
She's asking for consistency, so consistency is what she gon' get. 
I'm planning to get out 3 posts a week on here, not sure of the days yet but when my schedule is all sweet, I'll pick some days for ya.
In terms of content, it's pretty much staying the same, skincare, fitness and interior have become part of the family which you guys are loving. I'm hoping to bring the FashionSquash's Helping Hand segment because it was loved and I don't know why I stopped.
Overall, I want my content to be better so I'm definitely going to be taking my time to improve all aspects of my blog.

As you guys know, I'm a designer and fashion student. It's a part of my life that gets separated from my blog because it takes up so much time and focus that I forget that I have a platform to share what I'm doing.
Studying. More like no studying. I've decided to take a gap year, or as my uni would say, a placement year. It's something I planned to do from the start of my degree so it's not an out of the hat decision. I need a break from education, solely because I'm not inspired enough to create my 6 outfit collection for my final year. I need inspo.
This academic year, I will be working in the industry. I'm pretty excited. Working with a brand will shine my eyes and the experience will be great (I'm hoping!)
I will be blogging/vlogging about my internship(s) so stay tuned for that.
Also, I will be nurturing my own brand so delving into my aesthetic, putting some pieces out there and all that jazz. I haven't really shared much about my 2nd year of uni so I'll definitely show you guys what I was up to. I did photoshoots and everything so I'll eventually post the final images for you guys to see (and judge my sewing skills lol)

Well, that's what I've been up to and what's coming!
Consistency, a bit of YouTube, internships, design, exciting stuff. I'm looking forward to it all.

Make sure you're following so you don't miss posts and subscribe to our channel if you prefer watching to reading (who doesn't hm lol). Links are all on the right side of my blog.

Let me know of any post/video ideas, I'm open to bringing in new stuff on here.

Take care,


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