Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Bedside

IKEA Table Lamp | IKEA Glass Side Table | Wilko Basket (small/large)

My family and I moved house about 6 months ago and we've been slow on the decorating but my main job is me and my sister's bedroom.
We went to the trusty IKEA to pick up some bits, we actually went for shelves and decorative things but we started getting excited by lamps and bed frames, you know, the normal stuff you get excited by in IKEA.
We had a vision for our room but my sister spotted this lamp and we had to get it, we didn't know what we were going to do with it or where it was going to go but we were not leaving IKEA without it.
So from there, our theme kind of changed and we started looking for things to match the lamp etc. etc. as you do in IKEA. We were going to do the whole white, girly bedroom thing but we soon realised that it wasn't for us.
We needed a bedside table/drawers to put the lamp on but none seemed to really go until we spotted this ah-maaazinggg glass side table, instantly we were like yasssss, this is the one.
The only problem was that we wanted something with drawers but managed to settle for some kind of basket. The baskets they had in IKEA were too wide so we got the lamp and glass table and then I searched online and found bathroom storage in Wilko and they had exactly what we were looking for.

The baskets are great for storing bits and bobs like the TV remote, reading glasses etc. so I'm glad we found some, we have the large and small one (not shown) and they were pretty cheap, no more than a fiver!

I'm really liking where the look of this room is going, were on the hunt for a glass top desk and it's proving difficult to find the perfect one but we will eventually. There will be loads of DIY going on also so I'm pretty excited. I'll definitely keep you guys updated.

Hope you liked this post, feel free to leave any interior/decor suggestions!

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