Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Feeling Girly

It was recently my sister's birthday and she chose to do a full day of pampering, so mani/pedi, massage and spa, it was so good to have a day of proper relaxation after finishing uni.
I didn't actually get to take pictures for the blog as it just didn't seem right at either the massage place or the spa. I actually snapchatted everything and that's probably the social I'm most frequent on so definitely follow me on there @jsln_rbt (I post lots of gym stuff too!)
 The name of the place where we got our massages was Shakti Veda in North West London and the spa was Imagine Spa in Kensington which is located in the Kensington Close Hotel.
My sister found them both on Groupon and they were both amazing, definitely check them both out if you're in London.

So anyway, I was feeling girly and wanted my nails quite short this time. I ditched the coffin nails and went back to basics of square nails, I haven't got my nails done in a square shape for about 4/5 years when I first started getting my nails done. There was actually a reason why.
It's so hard to do things with square nails, the slimline-ness of coffin and stiletto nails makes picking things up, digging things etc. so much easier.
So I'll probably go pointy after this set grows out.
I love the colour of this set, it's a peachy nude by OPI and I have no idea what the name is but it's definitely a peachy, pinky nude. I got the nail artist to do a white design on a couple nails and straight away, I said to my sis, 'I feel like I'm going to a wedding, they look like wedding nails . . . '
I loved them as they were different but not bad ass how they usually look so I'm definitely looking forward to getting my claws back!

I was in definite need of a pamper session and it's so important to treat yourself after a stressful period so you perk back up. Uni drained me and I was quite unwell from the stress, I couldn't go to the gym, even on bad days, getting out of bed was a struggle but I've been taking it easy and I'm slowly getting back to my normal, healthy self.
Always take time out for yourself, whether it be a mini pamper sess or a pizza night with the girls, being stressed can take a huge toll on your body.

I'm chilling guys, patiently waiting for my results for 2nd year, I'll do a post on my 2nd year experience as it was kick up the butt and I think it will help a lot of people, especially those studying a fashion related course.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the British weather (not)!

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