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Umoro One Shaker*

*This post contains a gifted item by, all views/opinions/experiences expressed within the post are all my own.

As you guys know, health and fitness have become very important parts of my life, going to the gym 4/5 days a week, eating clean and taking the necessary vitamins (will do a post in the near future) have become things that are second nature to me and what I do on a daily basis.

I love anything that makes my life easier so I was super excited when I was offered the chance to try the Umoro One Shaker. Now, to many, it probably looks like an ordinary water bottle but noooo, don't be fooled, if you're someone that has protein shakes, meal replacements, sports/dietary supplements etc. daily, the One Shaker could possibly be your bestie!

The Umoro One Shaker is the world's first shaker bottle with rubberised seals to ensure that it is 100% leak proof. Umoro also says that the One Shaker is odour and shatter resistant, creates clump-free shakes, the durable plastic retains clarity and it's BPA free.

The whole idea of the Shaker is to be able to dispense your supplements with just the push of a button instead of having to use baggies or detachable compartments to store supplements, which to me is an amazing idea as an avid gym-goer.

They offer the Umoro One Shaker in 5 colours on the site, black, grey, pink, blue and green, I have the Titanium Grey one.

When I opened up the package, the first thing I thought was 'how do I use this thing?' and luckily, they provided instructions to help first time users. I looked at the instructions once and knew exactly what to do, you could probably figure it out without it but I'm slow so they it definitely helped having it included.

The compartment where you would store your supplements is in the lid, it holds one full scoop (maybe more, in my opinion) or the equivalent in liquid and it's completely leak proof so no chance of your supplement slipping into your water unless you push the red button. I love this feature as it means I can drink my water without having my supplements interfering, which is great because I don't take my supplements until after my warm up.

One of my main issues when I first started using the One Shaker was actually the mouthpiece, I thought it was very strange and awkward to use but after the third day of using it, it didn't seem to bother me anymore, it just took some getting used to.

The Umoro One Shaker is meant to be 100% leak proof, the first day I used it, I put it into my gym bag and did experience some leakage on my 15min journey which I weren't too happy about because I had only put it in my bag in good faith that it wouldn't leak.
The next day, I secured it pretty well (I have weak hands at the mo!) and there was no leakage however I couldn't get the lid open again as it was too tight. I thought that the juice had made it stick but I got my 'strong' brother to open it for me and he did so, with no struggle. 
So, those problems were down to my error so I definitely can't discredit the One Shaker for being 100% leak proof. I can fully open and secure the shaker with no problems and no leakage now!

Odour and shatter resistant was also tried and tested, I knocked the shaker off a machine in the gym and I literally screamed thinking it had a crack in it somewhere but nope it withheld the falling.
Having an odour resistant shaker is a must for me as it should be for anyone else, I've tried many shakers before and they all claim to be odour resistant but many fail the test and have to be binned. I can in fact say that the One Shaker is odour resistant, I've put orange juice in there, my supplements, herbal drinks and their smells have all disappeared with one easy wash.

Overall, I'd say a huge thumbs up from me, it's such a handy thing to have, you don't even need to be a gym-goer, you could take it to work, school, use it at home, it's just one of those things everyone needs, in my eyes. I'd love all the colours, because I love to collect things lol, but my mum's hair would fall out to see her glasses cupboard full of One Shakers haha
I think they retail for around £20 which I think is decent for something that actually does what it says on the packet. I'd definitely recommend it to all my readers.
You can purchase it from the shop or directly from the Umoro site!

Let me know if you've tried the Umoro One Shaker or are looking to try it, definitely leave a comment if you have any other questions.

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