Monday, 23 May 2016

Interior | Bedroom Wishlist

Hey guys,

If you've been reading for a while, I moved house over Christmas and my bedroom is still not in order, uni took all my time and it's only now, with finishing uni and all that, I actually get time to sit down and think about decorating.

I went through a period in time, before I fell in love with fashion design, where I loveeddd interior design. My dad was forcing me to go into architecture and I thought the next best thing was interior. Now I'm able to decorate and make a space 'oh so fancy', it's triggering the love I had.

It's quite a fun thing to do, picking out bits and pieces to decorate with, choosing a colour scheme etc. 
I do share a bedroom with my sister, we're similar in age and have quite similar styles also so it will be great to join minds and make a beautiful room.
We're going for a pretty casual theme of white with accents of black, silver and grey. 

Above are a few things we thought would look good in the room, we're not 100% yet but these are the bits we've been lusting over lately.
Desenio has become my best friend for bedroom art, they've got such amazing pieces on there, for great prices as well.
Obviously, IKEA is a staple when it comes to decorating but were looking for bigger pieces on there such as mirrors and desks.
If you guys don't know about JessMessDesign, she's a lovely girl that I found on Instagram and she's a letterer. She does really cute prints and I really want one for my room, she does customised ones as well!

So that's my mini wishlist, mini because my bookmarks are full of stuff I want to get haha I can't wait to show you guys how the room will look after it's all done!

What do you guys think of my wishlist? Any tips on decorating? Would love to hear them!

Take care,

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