Monday, 28 March 2016

Interior | Coconut Lane

As some of you may know, the family and I had a hectic house move over the Christmas period and believe me when I say, it was tough. Never move house over Christmas lol.
But the struggle is over and we've just got round to fully clearing things out we didn't need/want and it's more or less time to decorate. I've become crazily obsessed with interiors and decorating, takes me back to when my dad nearly forced me to go into architecture so I said I'd settle for interior design instead but I fell in love with fashion and followed that dream. (P.S Never let your parents force you to study something you don't want to!)
I love being able to take a blank canvas and make it my own. I'd love to buy houses, strip them and re-decorate them from scratch, there's that sense of accomplishment when it's all done. 
However, for now, my bedroom is the blank canvas and I'm super excited to get it all done up. I've been on the hunt for desks, shelving, prints and frames, the lot. I've kind of figured out what furniture I want to go in, it's just the nitty gritty bits, such as prints and frames.
I was contacted by the lovely Charlotte at Coconut Lane and she offered me 50% off the store and I was so excited because I saw they had wall art, a great way to kick off my search.
My sister and I picked out this print 'Be a diamond in a world of rhinestones.' as we literally went through them all and was like yassss when we read this one.
I think it's a really nice quote to have up just to remind you.
It's just a matter of finding a photo frame, I feel it's so hard to find the perfect frame, when it's the perfect thickness, it's the wrong colour. When it's the right colour, it's the wrong shape, there is always something.
If anyone knows where to get photo frames from, please do let me know!
This is one print of many, I've found some really nice ones and I can't wait to order them and show you guys and show you how I put them up.

So that's it really, introducing a few interior posts here on FS, also if you do want to purchase anything at Coconut Lane definitely use my code 'fashionsquash20' for 20% off!

Take care,

Thursday, 17 March 2016

NEW IN | Steve Madden Espadrilles

If you know me and know me well, shoes are my everything along with jackets and I can never have too many.
Whenever there is a chance to buy shoes, I jump at it, bad I know but I can't help it!

I always shows you guys what trainers I've bought (because that's what I buy 90% of the time) however it's nice to see a change on the feet especially now as it's hitting Spring; here in the UK.

I was actually on the hunt for some fancy flats for a club party, it wasn't a heels type of event so new shoes were to purchased to match my outfit, which is standard.
I searched for days on end and ending up halfway across London, the night before, in a House of Fraser trying on shoes that would potentially not be THE shoe.
These weren't the shoes actually, I originally wanted a gold pair and they did not fit for the life of me. I was so upset that a size 5 didn't fit. I asked for a 6, they didn't have any. I asked for a 7 (I was desperate lol) and they were massive. 
My brain was going into overload.
I looked around the Dune concession and saw these babies, quickly asked for a 5, whipped them on and voila! I said 'girl these are the shoes!', paid real quick and left.
I must say the lady on the Dune counter looked after me, I had running back and forth for the love of shoes lol most people would roll their eyes, huff and sigh but she didn't, not once and trust me, I was very grateful.
I digress.

These shoes are the bomb-diggity, the first wear is a bit of a sore one but once you've broken them, it's all good. They can be worn with more or less anything which is perfect now Summer is round the corner. The nude colour is *lovestruck emoji* and the glitter toecap adds that extra glamour!

To get a hold of them in the UK, it's best to go to a department store such as Selfridges or House of Fraser. They retail for £59 which I think is decent for suede plus I'm used to paying that for Nikes or whatever pair of kicks. Espadrilles are funny shoes so getting a hold of a comfy pair that are pretty also can be hard.

What do you guys think?! Love 'em or nah?

Hope you're all well,

Friday, 4 March 2016

OOTD | Bershka Biker X Missguided Midi

You can never go wrong with a black midi dress. I've literally stocked up because you can never have too many and you always need a black dress to go somewhere. If you don't know what to wear, throw on a black dress, style it how you want and you're ready to go. I love how this Missguided one fits, I always struggle to find midis that fit me perfectly and also hem at the right place, this one does just that. It's pretty tight but not uncomfortable, tight so it fits right (lol).
But can we just talk about this camel biker jacket though!
I love Bershka because they never fail when it comes to jackets and coats, my last biker was from there and also my winter coat and I looveee them. I found this beauty online and it so happened to be in the sale £19.99 reduced from £59.99, can you believe it? I can't either. I didn't even think twice, I popped it in the basket with some other bits and it was mine. Just look at how beautiful the hardware is, can't go wrong with some good zips and buckles, against the camel as well, lawd!
I'd been looking for a jacket like this for ages and in this colour but they all seemed to be oversized and I wanted something more fitted and Bershka provided that plus I got a major bargain!
Paired with my snakeskin lace up heels, this outfit speaks for itself when you say less is more.

I'm wearing

BERSHKA Biker Jacket

Take care,
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