Monday, 29 February 2016

Staple White Shirts

Can you believe these are my first proper white shirts since school days? I can't believe it either!
I've always said 'oh, I need a white shirt to wear with . . .' or 'a white shirt would look so nice with . . .' etc but I've never got round to looking for a nice, staple white shirt.
Until, an all white party came up and I was in desperate need of a white shirt as that's the look I wanted to go for and it was such a task.
There was no time to order online, I needed something physically ASAP so I headed to Westfield to see what I could find. It was such a struggle, I'm tiny so shopping in shops that don't really cater to petite gals is super hard and to be honest, quite frustrating.
I'm not a huge Forever21 fan but I thought I'd give it a quick look through because I was desperate and what do we find?

A bunch of white shirts!

I picked up two very simple shirts, one with pockets and one without, they're both quite long, hitting knee length, I'm 5"3 so yes, very long. I guess it adds to the edge if throw on some blue jeans and Adidas Superstars, the length will look pretty cool.
They were actually on the sale rack so if you do want to get your hands on 'em, you gotta run!
The shirt with pockets was priced at £9.99 and the one without at £11.99, some great bargains eh?!

Springs coming so I think white shirts are needed, I'm surprised I didn't have at least one before. Quite excited to show you guys how I'll be wearing them, possibly a lookbook too.
Let me know how you style a white shirt, oversized? With jeans? Layered? I'd love to know!

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