Sunday, 21 February 2016

NEW IN | Jordan Deluxe Junior

Fresh kicks are my weakness especially when they're all black. I've been waiting for a pair of trainers to come out that I genuinely liked and there hadn't been much until saw these in-store. 
I don't actually own a pair of Jordan's so it felt a bit different on the feet compared to the standard Air Max or Superstar but of course, still very comfortable. I love the way the back of trainer dips at the back of my ankle, elongating my legs from behind.
I wore them in my last OOTD and I've realised that they look very heavy but they're really not, I'm just tiny so anything that is a high top looks heavy.
However, high tops are my favourite type of trainer so I'll wear them nonetheless!

These are the Jordan Deluxe, I'm a size 5 so Juniors is where you'll find these particular ones, I'm not sure if they sell them in Adult sizes but definitely have a look around on the JD Sports site.

You'll be seeing more these of course, let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to style it with!

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