Friday, 26 February 2016

FITNESS | Programme Plan (Induction, Experience etc.)

If you missed the first post of my Fitness segment, definitely do have a read as I explain when I started working out and my journey over the past year and a bit.

So, I've been working out independently since I started but from the new year I wanted to try something different as I was getting bored and needed that extra motivation.
I'm currently a member at EasyGym and they're offering free programme inductions that are catered to a goal of yours. I chose to go with the Strength and Gains: Lower Body plan as that was my main focus. The plan focuses on the lower body so anywhere from glutes to calves and also the core, which I hate working on.

I booked an induction and I felt pretty comfortable with the trainer as I'd known him from working out there for a while. He did say to me 'Why did you book an induction? You know what you're doing!' and I said 'I'm getting bored, I want to try something different and push myself more!'
Big mistake haha!
He pushed me to my absolute limits, I've never been so sore in my life!

The plan last 4 weeks with a 3 days a week regime. I've completed a week and honestly, I'm ridiculously sore but I'm seeing results already. I've been stretching and foam rolling a crazy amount to loosen the muscles and it seems to be working. 

I'm actually loving my new workouts because I'm lifting heavier as didn't know I could until the trainer pushed me to. I also look forward to doing the workouts as I'm having to work towards completing all the workouts and I know I'll be properly sore the next few days and in my head it means progress. Obviously, I don't mean I'm in agony, it's a nice pain!

I'll definitely keep you guys updated on how it's going and if you're hesitant on joining the gym because you're not sure about what to do, definitely book an free programme induction with EasyGym, it's so worth it!

Hope you've started off 2016 healthily or if you're still planning to, definitely do as you'll love yourself for it later on down the line!

Take care,

P.S Not sponsored by EasyGym, just happen to train there and they offer the program so why not share with my lovely readers!

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