Monday, 29 February 2016

Staple White Shirts

Can you believe these are my first proper white shirts since school days? I can't believe it either!
I've always said 'oh, I need a white shirt to wear with . . .' or 'a white shirt would look so nice with . . .' etc but I've never got round to looking for a nice, staple white shirt.
Until, an all white party came up and I was in desperate need of a white shirt as that's the look I wanted to go for and it was such a task.
There was no time to order online, I needed something physically ASAP so I headed to Westfield to see what I could find. It was such a struggle, I'm tiny so shopping in shops that don't really cater to petite gals is super hard and to be honest, quite frustrating.
I'm not a huge Forever21 fan but I thought I'd give it a quick look through because I was desperate and what do we find?

A bunch of white shirts!

I picked up two very simple shirts, one with pockets and one without, they're both quite long, hitting knee length, I'm 5"3 so yes, very long. I guess it adds to the edge if throw on some blue jeans and Adidas Superstars, the length will look pretty cool.
They were actually on the sale rack so if you do want to get your hands on 'em, you gotta run!
The shirt with pockets was priced at £9.99 and the one without at £11.99, some great bargains eh?!

Springs coming so I think white shirts are needed, I'm surprised I didn't have at least one before. Quite excited to show you guys how I'll be wearing them, possibly a lookbook too.
Let me know how you style a white shirt, oversized? With jeans? Layered? I'd love to know!

Take care,

Friday, 26 February 2016

FITNESS | Programme Plan (Induction, Experience etc.)

If you missed the first post of my Fitness segment, definitely do have a read as I explain when I started working out and my journey over the past year and a bit.

So, I've been working out independently since I started but from the new year I wanted to try something different as I was getting bored and needed that extra motivation.
I'm currently a member at EasyGym and they're offering free programme inductions that are catered to a goal of yours. I chose to go with the Strength and Gains: Lower Body plan as that was my main focus. The plan focuses on the lower body so anywhere from glutes to calves and also the core, which I hate working on.

I booked an induction and I felt pretty comfortable with the trainer as I'd known him from working out there for a while. He did say to me 'Why did you book an induction? You know what you're doing!' and I said 'I'm getting bored, I want to try something different and push myself more!'
Big mistake haha!
He pushed me to my absolute limits, I've never been so sore in my life!

The plan last 4 weeks with a 3 days a week regime. I've completed a week and honestly, I'm ridiculously sore but I'm seeing results already. I've been stretching and foam rolling a crazy amount to loosen the muscles and it seems to be working. 

I'm actually loving my new workouts because I'm lifting heavier as didn't know I could until the trainer pushed me to. I also look forward to doing the workouts as I'm having to work towards completing all the workouts and I know I'll be properly sore the next few days and in my head it means progress. Obviously, I don't mean I'm in agony, it's a nice pain!

I'll definitely keep you guys updated on how it's going and if you're hesitant on joining the gym because you're not sure about what to do, definitely book an free programme induction with EasyGym, it's so worth it!

Hope you've started off 2016 healthily or if you're still planning to, definitely do as you'll love yourself for it later on down the line!

Take care,

P.S Not sponsored by EasyGym, just happen to train there and they offer the program so why not share with my lovely readers!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

NEW IN | Jordan Deluxe Junior

Fresh kicks are my weakness especially when they're all black. I've been waiting for a pair of trainers to come out that I genuinely liked and there hadn't been much until saw these in-store. 
I don't actually own a pair of Jordan's so it felt a bit different on the feet compared to the standard Air Max or Superstar but of course, still very comfortable. I love the way the back of trainer dips at the back of my ankle, elongating my legs from behind.
I wore them in my last OOTD and I've realised that they look very heavy but they're really not, I'm just tiny so anything that is a high top looks heavy.
However, high tops are my favourite type of trainer so I'll wear them nonetheless!

These are the Jordan Deluxe, I'm a size 5 so Juniors is where you'll find these particular ones, I'm not sure if they sell them in Adult sizes but definitely have a look around on the JD Sports site.

You'll be seeing more these of course, let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to style it with!

Take care,

Saturday, 20 February 2016

OOTD | The Bucket Hat

Hey guys,

Finally got round to shooting a OOTD, it's been tough out here, so much to do!
It's been so crazy, trying to settle into a new home along with going to uni and just keeping up with the daily activities and it just feels so good to sit down and properly blog.

I mentioned in a previous post that my sister had found a bucket I'd been hunting for.
I've been wearing it non-stop along with my Adidas cap, it's just such a chic but boyish thing to throw on and it fits in great with my style.

There's nothing more simple than putting on an oversized jumper dress, tights and trainers, so easy to do and especially when you're in a rush or don't know what to wear. 
Makes it even easier if it's all black!
Speaking of trainers, these are in fact new kicks that I'll be posting in a new in soon, they're Jordans but I'm not sure of the exact name at this given moment so stay tuned for all the details.

 Ooo, let me not forget about this amaaazingg tote bag I'm rocking!
It's actually in the Men's bag section on ASOS so it was literally by luck that I'd found it. I was looking for a bag that could fit an A3 sketchbook in for uni and trust me, it fits that and more.
Think I might do a review or a what's in my bag so you guys can get up close and personal with it!

I can't believe it's the end of February already, time is flying! By Easter, I'll be done with my second year of uni, it's just so crazy to me! 
I hope everyone is well and looking forward to Spring because it's literally around the corner haha

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Knit Dress
PRIMARK Leather Bucket Hat
JD SPORTS Jordan's (Junior)

Thanks for reading guys,

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