Monday, 18 January 2016

Simple Winter Make Up

It's officially Winter here in the UK and the big coats are out! 
Not a fan of the freezing cold but if it means I get to wear all my knits and coats then so be the cold.

In terms of make up, I've kept it pretty simple throughout the season, simple base, bronzer and a nude lip. I love dark lips but they're too much to maintain, if I can be bothered, I switch up the nude for a plum or a deep red.

I've been loving the Make Up Revolution Contour Kit, it has a contour, highlighter and bronzer which makes my life easy because everything is one place and throwing it in the make up bag is hassle-free.
I swear by my Revlon ColorStay Foundation and LA Girl Pro Conceal, two of my very favourite beauty products, I've been repurchasing them for a while and haven't really thought to try anything new because they work so well, especially with my oily/combination skin.

You guys know Collection's Sheer Loose Powder has been saving my face for years, it's a holy grail product for me. It's translucent so I can use it over my base or over my blusher/bronzer when I start to get oily during the day. It's only £2.99 which is super amazing and I really, really recommend it!

Lastly, two MAC products, the Lipglass and the Fix+, bits that I love to use.
The Fix+ is a product I think everyone should have (unless it makes you break out etc.), it's such good stuff, I use it whether it's a light or heavy make up look.
The Lipglass is self explanatory, if you love a nude lip, MAC's Lipglass in Lust is a must have!

So that's my simple Winter make up look, would love to know what your go-to look has been during this A/W. I've really stuck to what I'm used to because they all work well with my skin, haven't had any major breakouts in a while. I'm sure my skincare routine has a big part to play so I'll definitely be letting you guys know what's up with my skincare in the near future!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the cold haha
Take care,


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