Thursday, 7 January 2016

NEW IN | Primark Sale Knits

Yay, first haul of 2016, aren't you lovin' it! 
Got me some gorgeous knits in the Primark sale, I lurveeee knitwear so I couldn't pass these up when they were hanging on the rack with the big, fat SALE sign on top of them.
Honestly, I hadn't been to Primark for ages before this so I'd never seen the knits before so seeing them in the sale made me so happy because I would've probably brought them at full price, had I seen them earlier.
I got the grey coloured knit in a size 14 because I really wanted it to be oversized and comfy but the cream one is the exactly the same jumper however, I got it in a size 10 for a more fitted look as for the other two jumpers.

Please believe me when I say none of them were any more than £7, crazy huh? (Prices for all, below)
They're such beautiful pieces, cannot wait to wear them!

Cream Oversized Jumper Dress | £7
Khaki Mohair Jumper | £5
Grey Oversized Jumper Dress | £7
Black Ripped Jumper | £5

Get your mitts on these bargain pieces if you're loving them, you'll be disappointed if you pass them up, I'm telling you!
Hope you're all well and settling back into your routines, nice and smoothly.

Take care, 

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  1. Oh wow you got such great pieces! Nice job!


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