Sunday, 10 January 2016

Current Favourites

Hello lovelies, 

I hope everyone has settled back into work or school/uni, it's always hard after Christmas/New Year to get back into your regular routine because you get so comfortable with eating loads, chilling with fam and friends and just not having to do much, in general. 
So, picking yourself up to get back into routine is always difficult but I hope everyone's enjoying being back and isn't too tired and moody haha

I find that having some key pieces helps you settle back into your daily activities which is why I want to show you guys what my current favourites are.

I'll start off with the fashion bits. 
I'm pretty sure if you're up to date with my OOTD's or follow me on IG, you have seen these particular pair of Air Max's and this faux fur gilet.
They are forever on my body, I went to a drink up on Friday and guess what I had on? . . . lol yep.
I'm queen of comfort, I love to be comfortable so when I find pieces that support my needs, I wear them to death which I guess is quite normal.
The Air Max 90's are my favourite trainers right now, I love things to be black but the fact that they're not, makes me wear them more because I get to wear more black/grey/white clothing. You understanding the logic? haha
It's a nice blue though and trainers are quite easy to wear anyway.
During my Black Friday campaign with Boohoo, I fell in love with a faux fur gilet that was gifted to me and I've been wearing it non-stop and to be honest, why not?
It's just so easy to add that extra layer to any outfit, whether you want to wear it on top of another jacket or simply over a knit dress. 
I've got the Vanessa Faux Fur Gilet* and it's a great length and fits me great. I'm petite so I'm glad it fits well and I'm still able to layer with it, style and warmth wise.

Next is another piece of faux fur, this headband from New Look (alternative), I love it because it's different to wearing a cap or beanie. Those cold nights but you want to look fancy? Throw on a faux fur headband!

Lastly are some beauty/skincare bits.
I'm a huge fan of La Roche Posay and their Effaclar range to be specific. Ever since I started using the Duo and then [+] and then eventually, the 3 in 1 Anti Blemish system, my skin has been glowing, with or without make up.
I haven't really had major breakouts, like I used to, my skin isn't so pigmented anymore and I know it's because of these products. Throughout the Christmas period and the house move, I've been super stressed and usually I'd have huge breakouts but I was religious with my skincare routine with LRP and my skin seems pretty happy.

Next, has to be the LA Girl Pro Conceal, of course. Although, my skin's good, the dark circles are inevitable and concealer has been my absolute saviour, whether I'm applying it with a full face or just by itself with some mascara.
It's super easy to apply and it's 100% brightens up my under eye which is exactly what I need it to do!

Last but not least, it's pretty random but it is my mini hair brush. I'm someone with pretty thick hair so getting the edges to lay is a task and a half. This is where my hard bristle brush comes in handy, it gets the kinks out and with some Dax, the edges stay laid. I love the size as well, easy to throw in the ol' handbag.

So those are my current faves, all have been making life much easier and helping me getting back to normal after Christmas, period of chilling.
I love having those bits that you can repeatedly use and you don't have to worry about whether or not you have it. I'll probably do a post on how I style my wardrobe for the week because honestly, with the system I have, it's made life easier and why wouldn't I want to share that?!
I 'd love to know what you're system is or what your current favourites are, I'd love to know!

Hope you're all well, until next time,

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