Thursday, 1 December 2016

Simple Brows & Eyes ft MUA

Mascara | Eyeliner | Brow Tinted Mascara

I've cut back on make up drastically these past few months and I've been loving it. Back to the beginning of 2015, I was wearing make up every day that I attended uni, to go shopping etc. the only time I didn't was gym.
Nowadays, I've got so comfortable going make up less, whether it be going to uni or going for my driving lesson, throwing on a beanie or a pair of clear lense glasses (I'll have a post on them soon!) does the trick.
I've talked about my relationship with make up before so I won't go into major detail about it.
Taking a step back with make up allows me to enjoy it more when I actually want to wear it for special occasions or when I want to feel extra glam.

Due to not wearing as much, I've been focusing mainly on grooming the brows and wearing mascara/eyelashes. I tried individual lashes but my eyes were very irritated with having to sleep with them and wear them 24/7, I did like them so maybe I'll have to find another glue or something that will not trouble my precious eyes.

I've been needing a new mascara for the longest time, I'd been using my BarryM one until its last breath and it was time for a refresh so I picked up one by MUA. I hate buying mascaras, to me, it's like having to buy a new deodorant, a chore. Spending over a fiver on mascara never appeals to me because of false advertisement, I'd rather go for a cheap one and know that it will get the job done. I usually go for volumising mascaras not lengthening ones.

I haven't worn eye liner in about 2 years and I thought it as time to pick one up. My IG feed has been flooded lately with some amazing eye liner work and it's inspired me to get back on it. I love the way my eyes look with it, especially with eyelashes on, when drawn correctly (which is hardly ever!) my eyes look way bigger, which is great on days I've decided to do a How To Get Away With Murder marathon at 3am.

Lastly, I picked up a brow mascara by MUA. It's so handy to have, when you don't want to do the full works on the brows and just need some darkening or more fullness, it's great to able to whip this out.
When I first used it, I was a bit heavy handed not realising how effective it was until I looked at my face fully in the mirror. I've got the hang of it now and definitely recommend it.

So those are my three staple products I've been using more or less daily, they're handy products to have especially if you want to throw something to go shopping or you want to look alive.
They're fairly cheap too!

Mascara Eyeliner Brow Tinted Mascara

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Kicking Off Party Season with Boohoo*

*This post contains gifted items by Boohoo, all views/opinions/experiences expressed within the post are all my own

I'm excited to introduce a new face onto FashionSquash today and it belongs to my beloved sister, Alexandria. If you are subscribed to our channel, you'd know her fairly well but if not, this is the bestie, get to know!
We've teamed up with Boohoo today to share our ultimate party season outfits. Halloween is done and dusted and all we can think about is how Christmas is around the corner.
After Halloween comes Thanksgiving (for the US) and Christmas parties and it's only right to have a few dresses (or jumpsuits because . . . Winter!) stocked up, especially LBD's  as you can never go wrong.

Me and my sister have been loving the off shoulder trend lately, it's so sassy and adds that extra glamour to a simple LBD. The frills on my dress added the vavavoom and the split on my sister's added that spice! All eyes on us during this party season, me and my sis love to slay together, the endless "yassss's" when shooting outfits is hilarious but why not!

You have to subscribe to our Youtube channel, Alexandria & Jesslyn, the laughs you're gonna get from our videos is so worth checking them out.
Also make sure you check out Boohoo and stock up on your party season outfits, be ready for the Christmas cheer!

Hope you guys have enjoyed seeing my sister's beautiful face here on FashionSquash, I'll try and get her on here more often!



Take care,

Friday, 7 October 2016

Jesslyn Robert | Faux Fur Gilet

There is this new found confidence when you wear something that you've designed, knowing you can sport something that you've worked on is such a good feeling.

As promised, I'm featuring some Jesslyn Robert pieces on FashionSquash. I never get round to shooting what I've designed and I think it's time that I did share that side of my life on here and make it a habit or a routine of shooting my garms.
I've made many a jacket and Winter is around the corner and I enjoy constructing jackets and coats so I'm looking forward to sharing them with you all.

I've kicked it off with something simple, a faux fur gilet. It was super quick to make and I'm surprised I hadn't made one sooner. I bought the fur a while ago, with not having a clue on what I'd use it for, I just loved the colour and the feel of it. Towards the end of the Summer, I said I'd use this fur because the fabric collection was becoming unbearable so with that, I produced a lovely gilet.

People have asked me if I could make them one and to be honest, I'd love to however I won't be mass producing. I'm a perfectionist so I really want all aspects on my brand to be up and ready to take on customers. If you really (really) want me to make you a fur gilet or anything else I post, just drop me an email at

I'm wearing


Thanks for reading and I hope you're looking forward to it. Take care, Jess.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Short Hair Club

A change was needed so a change happened. You guys know I was longing to switch up my hair and not just a little switch. I wanted a statement hairstyle, something that would make everyone say 'wow Jess, I didn't even realise that was you!' 
I accomplished that with this hairstyle, my long curly hair given up for this amazing pixie cut. I'm a huge fan of wigs and weaves so doing a switch up like this didn't hurt me or my hair. I'm never scared to try a new hair do because I know that after 2 weeks, I could be rocking something completely fresh.

I've had some amazing compliments on my hair and it's warmed me up inside. I'm back to uni and it's my last year so creating a look is my challenge this year. By the time I've put my collection out there, I want my style to have been and be a statement. I'm quite a lazy dresser, same with my hair so I definitely want to make more of an effort.
Trust me, you guys are going to see all the looks I'm coming with. my wardrobe has had a revamp.

What do you guys think of my new do? I'm loving it (short is so much easier to manage).

Take care,

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Second Year of Uni | Fashion Design (Practical)

If you want to read how my first year went, definitely have a read of that post first before this one because the experiences were quite different.

I mentioned that I was looking forward to my second year after being on a six month Summer holiday, so you could imagine that my mind was screaming for some structure and routine in my life. I went back to uni, refreshed, ready to tackle the projects. It was great settling back in, you know seeing everyone from last year, everyone's excited, good energy is flowing, there were a few new faces which is always nice.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Gone with the Wind

September is always the month that confuses us. We're preparing for Autumn wanting to whip the knits but we're still getting sunshine and humid days. Many of us probably aren't complaining, I mean who doesn't love good weather but most of you are back to work and those uniforms are not the one in the heat. School kids are feeling it right now, the blazer with the jumper underneath . . . torture!

I'm one of the lucky ones that can dress according to the weather, so if the sun's shining, best believe the toes are coming out. 
I'm surprised I didn't whip out this split tee earlier in the Summer but to be honest I've been in gym gear most of the Summer. I bought it online from Bershka back when I bought my camel biker jacket a while ago. Khaki is in still so why not throw it on, now Autumn is approaching, it'll be great for layering up too.

Are you one of the ones that can dress according to the weather or are you confused just wanting to whip out Winter boots? Let me know!

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Ripped Jeans | Bucket Hat | Sandals

Take care,

Thursday, 8 September 2016

SCRUB LOVE | Coffee Body Scrub*

*This post contains gifted items by Scrub Love, all views/opinions/experiences expressed within the post are all my own.

Coffee body scrubs. Seems to be the new craze, I've never really been interested as I'm not a huge fan of coffee and the body scrub concept wasn't appealing to me at all. As you guys know, I don't get excited by hype.
So when I was contacted by Georgia at Scrub Love and she asked me if I'd ever used a coffee scrub before and if I wanted to try it out. I was fascinated about what the hype was, so I said why not.
She sent me the Mint Temptation coffee scrub out of the 3 they offer, the Original and Coconut Affair are the others. I'm glad I got to try out the mint because it sounded like it consisted of so much good stuff.
It has coffee, of course, a roast organic coffee though, it buffs away dead skin cells without damaging the delicate new skin. The high caffeine content stimulates circulation to promote healing in problem areas.
It also consists of some amazing oils such as peppermint, argan and tea tree which the benefits being a clearer complexion, minty freshness, antiseptic properties that are good for healing and softening, soothing tired muscles and lastly, argan is high in fatty acids and Vitamin E which easily absorbs into the skin leaving your skin soft and glowing.
It doesn't stop there, it also contains aloe vera and dead sea salt that are packed full of minerals and vitamins.
So that's a lot of good stuff and benefits in one product which made me super excited to test it out.

I'm very particular with my skin mainly because it's sensitive and it doesn't play well with new products especially harsh and fragrance ones.

I cracked open the scrub and boom, the scent hit me, the coffee smell was so strong I could cry. Like I said at the start, not a fan of coffee, taste or smell but I eventually got passed the smell and got some on the skin. I tested it first on my arms just to make sure my skin wouldn't react badly. It didn't and I was looking forward to getting it all over the body.

They recommend using it 3 to 4 times a week to get lovely skin, I've been using it twice a week, my skin is quite soft already and sensitive so I didn't want to over do it. With using it twice a week, my skin has been looking healthier in terms of its glow and complexion so you can imagine what 3 to 4 times a week could do for you.
If and when my skin needs that much scrubbing (lol), I'll definitely up the usage.

All in all, it's pretty easy to use, simply get some in your hand and rub it into your skin, let it sit for a bit and then rinse off. It can be a bit messy, it's easiest it the shower as opposed to a bath, I've tried both and the bath was mayhem.

The Mint Temptation retails for £12.95 which I think is an affordable price. I love anything to do with skin so I don't mind the price as long as I'm getting my money's worth. I do wish they had different sizes so you could mix and match for cheaper but that's just me. I definitely want to try Coconut Affair next. I'd recommend it as a whole, especially if you're into scrubs.

I'm a coffee body scrub convert thanks to Scrub Love! Make sure you follow them on Instagram, @scrublove, so you can see all the other #babesthatscrub!

What are you thoughts? Have you used a coffee body scrub?

Take care,

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Feel Refreshed after the Summer Break

Summer is over. September is here. Autumn is coming, the wind, rain and brown leaves are coming.
You've had your fun and now it's time to get back to work. Work could be literal or it could mean back to uni, school, college etc. It's time to get those butts out of relaxation mode, for many, getting back into a solid routine is super difficult. You've been drankin', sleeping late, partying hard, eating rubbish food and now you're trying to force yourself to get back into a great state of mind and you're just super drained. Yes, I know the feeling.

These are going to be my 5 tips on how to feel refreshed after the Summer break:


First of, put those bottles away, far away and get some H20 in your system, lots of it. For me, drinking loads of water helps my body rejuvenate as it should yours. 2 litres a day should get you feeling alive again, whether it be that you're dehydrated or your skin/hair isn't looking its best, a water detox is essential.


Majority of the time, September means you're starting somewhere new, you want to feel brand new so why not switch out your wardrobe? As you evolve, so does your style. A jumper you loved a few months ago could be making you feel frumpy or those jeans you've been wearing aren't fitting too great, well it's time to get those out the wardrobe and gets some new bits in. Depop, eBay and charity shops are great ways of getting rid and you can also make money from selling old clothes for new ones.


I'm someone that lovessss to change my hair, whether it be from long to short, black to red or curly to straight. Since I've started my Summer, I've stuck to my curly hair, I've loved it but it's time for a change, possibly a drastic one. Sometimes you need that, a new hairstyle to bring out the life in you. As a girl, changing our hair can make us feel like a new person. So why not get down to the hairdressers and get you a new do.


If you're that kind of person that loves your space to look pretty and you've had your room/office set up a certain way, maybe it's time to swap things around. Get some plants around your space, paint the walls, switch your desk around, get a new rug, anything, basically do a spring clean but an Autumn one. Trust me, you'll feel refreshed and ready to work.


Lastly, organisation is key. You've been out the loop for a little bit and a routine needs to be set in stone. A calendar or a diary is very useful to have, plan your week, even your month if you can. It makes life so much easier, especially if you're juggling work and education or multiple jobs.
Being able to know when you should be working or resting puts your mind at rest and prevents a build up of stress.
Another way that works for me is, setting alarms. Alarms for everything, I'm talking, breakfast, lunch, dinner, gym, medication/vitamins. It helps me get used to doing things at the right and it definitely works. It stops you putting things off that need to be done.

So those are my tips on how to feel refreshed after Summer, after any long break in fact. It's all about making yourself feel brand new and ready to work. I'm trying to get back into the work flow and trust me all these tips I've given to you guys have definitely worked for me. New hairstyle pending!

Take care,

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Bristol Photo Diary

Bristol, what a picturesque city.
I'm not someone that travels around the UK much, I stay in London or I go on holiday, not really a 'go up to Scotland' kind of gal. I like exotic places, I mean, who doesn't?
My uncle lives in Bristol and has been inviting me to come down since the beginning of Summer, I honestly wish I did about 3 trips to Bristol before having to get back into the flow of work.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Simple 'Kind to Eyes' Soothing Balm

The Simple eye cream bandwagon came and left and I'm now trying find the wagon to jump on. I'm not someone that falls for product hype because I'd rather buy products that I know could potentially work for me instead of seeing everybody else buy it and hope it works for me too.

I'm at that age where looking after your skin will determine what your skin will look like in 10 years. Your 20's are your free years, you want to be a free spirit and enjoy yourself but your body doesn't pause because you want to party. I am queen of allnighters, my brain is most creative at 2am, I love the extreme quiet and just being able to focus. It's all good until I've gone to sleep, woken up and my eyes look sunken in, dark with puffy eyelids.

I have hooded eyelids so I'm prone to puffy eyes, I've always disliked them, especially when I've got to leave the house 30mins after I've woken up!
This was the main problem that I wanted to fix.

This is where Simple's 'Kind to Eyes' Soothing Balm came into play.
I picked mine up from Superdrug for £3.99, which I thought was pricey for a 15ml tube. It's on sale now for £1.95 which is a more friendly price!

It consists of some good stuff, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Bisabolol and it has no artificial perfume/colour/harsh chemicals which is perfect for sensitive skin.
It says '. . . perfect blend of multi-vitamins and skin-loving ingredients to reduce puffiness, wind down and relax your tired eyes.'
Sounds great, doesn't it?

It instructs you to 'Apply morning and evening as a thin layer to your delicate eye area without massaging. Gently pat in until absorbed.' 
The 'gently' patting was what I found difficult to remember, I'm so used to pounding a beauty blender under my eye that I tend to forget that it's a very delicate area prone to stretching and causing creases.
I'm impatient also so patting until absorbed was annoying but I wanted it to work so I did as told.

After about 2 weeks of using it, I noticed my eyes were brighter, the crease under my eye wasn't so visible and my puffiness had reduced significantly.
The picture above was taken 30mins after I'd woken up and completed my morning routine. I applied the balm and my eyes look ready to tackle the day.

What I love is that, it reduces my puffiness, the ingredients are great, it doesn't irritate my skin or make my eyes feels heavy, it's very moisturising and it doesn't affect the way my concealer sits under my eye. I also love that it's a squeezy tube and not a roll on, I hate roll on products, I just think bacteria, bacteria, bacteria!

The not so greats bits are, the size of the tube and the price for that size. I'd still buy it for that price because I know it works and it's lasted long for me but I'd definitely prefer to buy it on sale.

So that's it guys, take care of those tired eyes and get you some soothing balm, I'd recommend it!
Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts?

Take care,

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

LIFE UPDATE | Summer, Changes + Plans

Yes, I know. Where have I been? To be quite honest with you guys, I've been enjoying my Summer. 
My posts throughout the Summer haven't been greatly consistent but it's quality over quantity for me and I'd rather put out amazing content for you guys. 
I been chilling.
N'yaming nuff food, going ham in the gym and just spending time with the important people in my life.
Nothing wrong with that.
When I'm working on something, I love to work real hard on it so taking breaks or being inconsistent with my blog is very difficult but it's always good to take a step back and come running back, super refreshed.

My Summer has been full of endless BBQ's, birthdays, hardcore gym sessions, shopping and more food! I didn't get to go on holiday this year mainly because I couldn't be asked to plan one, laziness in it's pure form however I do wish I did because it's all hustle and grind until next Summer.

Now, other than having so much fun this Summer, I've added another baby to look after, me and my sister's YouTube channel, Alexandria & Jesslyn. We literally started it up in July and we've been pretty much vlogging our crazy antics, so make sure you head over there and subscribe!
Most of what we got up to this Summer was actually vlogged as opposed to being here on FashionSquash so defo have a watch and a laugh!

September's fast approaching and the fun and games are coming to an end and it's time to get some organisation and routine back in my life. I'm craving it.
First of all, FashionSquash.
She's asking for consistency, so consistency is what she gon' get. 
I'm planning to get out 3 posts a week on here, not sure of the days yet but when my schedule is all sweet, I'll pick some days for ya.
In terms of content, it's pretty much staying the same, skincare, fitness and interior have become part of the family which you guys are loving. I'm hoping to bring the FashionSquash's Helping Hand segment because it was loved and I don't know why I stopped.
Overall, I want my content to be better so I'm definitely going to be taking my time to improve all aspects of my blog.

As you guys know, I'm a designer and fashion student. It's a part of my life that gets separated from my blog because it takes up so much time and focus that I forget that I have a platform to share what I'm doing.
Studying. More like no studying. I've decided to take a gap year, or as my uni would say, a placement year. It's something I planned to do from the start of my degree so it's not an out of the hat decision. I need a break from education, solely because I'm not inspired enough to create my 6 outfit collection for my final year. I need inspo.
This academic year, I will be working in the industry. I'm pretty excited. Working with a brand will shine my eyes and the experience will be great (I'm hoping!)
I will be blogging/vlogging about my internship(s) so stay tuned for that.
Also, I will be nurturing my own brand so delving into my aesthetic, putting some pieces out there and all that jazz. I haven't really shared much about my 2nd year of uni so I'll definitely show you guys what I was up to. I did photoshoots and everything so I'll eventually post the final images for you guys to see (and judge my sewing skills lol)

Well, that's what I've been up to and what's coming!
Consistency, a bit of YouTube, internships, design, exciting stuff. I'm looking forward to it all.

Make sure you're following so you don't miss posts and subscribe to our channel if you prefer watching to reading (who doesn't hm lol). Links are all on the right side of my blog.

Let me know of any post/video ideas, I'm open to bringing in new stuff on here.

Take care,


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Joggers x Heels Combo

Joggers. jogging bottoms, tracksuit bottoms, whatever you call them, aren't usually an item you'd associate with heels. I didn't until I started seeing it on IG and I actually liked the look.
Me being that girl that loves comfort, I was pretty excited to switch up the kicks for some heels so here we are.
I found these joggers, they're pretty basic, the whole outfit is laid back and casual to be honest, it's the heels that amp it up.
I think this kind of outfit is great for lunch dates, you want to look cute and sassy but still chill.
I quite like it, on the hunt for some camo joggers now, I'm in my element!

What do you guys think about the joggers and heels combo? Yay or nay?

I'm wearing 

PRIMARK Top & Joggers
TOPSHOP Leather Jacket

Take care,

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Bedside

IKEA Table Lamp | IKEA Glass Side Table | Wilko Basket (small/large)

My family and I moved house about 6 months ago and we've been slow on the decorating but my main job is me and my sister's bedroom.
We went to the trusty IKEA to pick up some bits, we actually went for shelves and decorative things but we started getting excited by lamps and bed frames, you know, the normal stuff you get excited by in IKEA.
We had a vision for our room but my sister spotted this lamp and we had to get it, we didn't know what we were going to do with it or where it was going to go but we were not leaving IKEA without it.
So from there, our theme kind of changed and we started looking for things to match the lamp etc. etc. as you do in IKEA. We were going to do the whole white, girly bedroom thing but we soon realised that it wasn't for us.
We needed a bedside table/drawers to put the lamp on but none seemed to really go until we spotted this ah-maaazinggg glass side table, instantly we were like yasssss, this is the one.
The only problem was that we wanted something with drawers but managed to settle for some kind of basket. The baskets they had in IKEA were too wide so we got the lamp and glass table and then I searched online and found bathroom storage in Wilko and they had exactly what we were looking for.

The baskets are great for storing bits and bobs like the TV remote, reading glasses etc. so I'm glad we found some, we have the large and small one (not shown) and they were pretty cheap, no more than a fiver!

I'm really liking where the look of this room is going, were on the hunt for a glass top desk and it's proving difficult to find the perfect one but we will eventually. There will be loads of DIY going on also so I'm pretty excited. I'll definitely keep you guys updated.

Hope you liked this post, feel free to leave any interior/decor suggestions!

Take care,

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I turned 20!
No longer part of the teenage crew *cries*, I was actually shocked at the fact that I was turning 20, it's a new chapter, time to fix up, finish my degree, move out and do all the things big people do.
I'm a big kid so it's going to be interesting and somewhat stressful. I'm looking forward to this new chapter, growing up doesn't mean being boring, I'm still young and have the next 5-10 years to really venture out, find myself and build a future.

I love when my birthday comes around each year because it gives me time to reflect on me and how I've progressed and changed in a year. A lot has since my last birthday, me and my family moved house, I finished the second year of my degree, lost friends, made new ones, grown more confident within myself and overall, just bettered my being.
I'm always one for growing and changing and learning new things and I'm so excited to see what my next year will bring for me.

I had a great birthday, celebrated with ones close to me (vlog will be on my new YouTube channel!), I always get stressed and anxious the week leading up to my birthday but we had so much fun and I'm glad we celebrated the way we did.
We went to Junkyard Golf LDN on Brick Lane, I'd definitely recommend it, we literally laughed the whole night. If you're not a club type person or you're tired of birthday dinners, have a go at golf haha

I love wearing white on my birthday, I did last year also, I think I wore a bralet too!
I don't wear white throughout the year because I'm clumsy so wearing it on my birthday is always special and even if do get dirty, at least I know I had fun!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes across all my social media platforms, I really appreciate it!
Bring on the 20's!

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Skinny Jeans
NEW LOOK Heels (old)
TOPSHOP Choker (old)
LYDC Clutch (old)

Take care,

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Why Massage Rolling is Important

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, mainly those that follow me on Snapchat (jsln_rbt), that I workout intensely throughout the week. Legs, back, abs, the whole sha-bang, it's all fun and games until you get home from the gym and the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicks in and you're left crippled or unable to lift your arms up.
Some people love this feeling as they feel that it's evidence that they had a good workout session and others just feel that it's an annoyance as it might mess up the rest of their day or possibly, their week if they're in too much pain.
I personally like the pain to an extent, especially on leg days, feeling the burn afterwards is quite satisfying and makes me want to eat good to help repair the muscle.

When I first started working out, basic stretching was all I was doing to aid flexibility and recovery but as I started lifting heavier and working out harder, I need to something more to help me out.
This is where massage rolling, or foam rolling, comes into play for me.

Massage rolling or the fancy term, self-myofascial release, is self massaging to release muscle tightness or trigger points.
It can be done before or after a workout, I usually do it afterwards but if I don't do it that day, I massage roll the next day before my workout so the muscles don't get too tight.
I purchased both a massage roller and a massage ball as they work in didn't different ways, there are other massage techniques and equipment also but I just preferred these two, at least to start off with.

When I started foam rolling regularly, I noticed a big improvement in my recovery and the way my muscles were performing. At first, I was only foam rolling around twice a week, I could feel the difference it was making to my body so I increased to whenever I worked out. Foam rollers are much softer to use on the muscles, especially the IT band and back muscles. However, for tougher muscles such as the quads and hamstrings, they can handle more of a grid roller (shown above).

I love the positive effect it is having on my body, I massage roll nearly twice a day, once before or after my workout and then again before bed, I feel great relief when I do, so why not!

I purchased my massage roller and spiky massage ball at my uni store because we have discounts on there but I'll link below some affordable ones on eBay. They're great pieces of fitness equipment to have at home, my gym provides them but when you're quads are failing you when you get home, it's always handy to have them by your bedside. . . literally!

I hope this post has highlighted the importance of massage rolling and hopefully has encouraged you guys to look into it, it's so beneficial for our bodies and I really recommend it*, I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and recovery and doing it daily keeps me from complaining about DOMS!

Massage Roller (Grid)
Spiky Massage Ball

Thanks for reading,

*Disclaimer* I don't have any fitness qualifications, all info given in this post is based on my experiences and what works for me. Please do thorough research before performing any exercises or stretches. Thanks!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Get Your Summer On

Finally! The UK is seeing some sunshine, being a Summer baby, I always look forward to whipping out the Summer gear and flaunting some skin. You know, get some Vitamin D!
I like to keep it simple, jumpsuits, dresses, playsuits, things you can easily throw on and keep cool whilst doing so. 
The only tricky thing about wearing all in ones is using public toilets. . . 
Basic, stretchy midi dresses are a must-have in Summer, they're easily styled or not styled at all, just throw them on and go. I'm a trainers or Birkenstocks fan so pretty easy, not too much thought put into it.
I've only got a few weeks left of Summer before I start my placement year, my hustle and grind year before I complete the last year of my degree. I'm looking forward to it, I've been on a Summer break for about 4 months so I'm pretty much ready to get back into routine. 
However, I'll keep you guys updated on all that when the time comes, for now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my Summer!

I'm wearing

PRIMARK Midi Dress
ADIDAS Superstars

Take care,

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