Sunday, 27 December 2015

Our Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted. What a strange one it was for us.
First time in years, we left the house on Christmas day to celebrate. We spent the day with relatives, it was so calm but crazy at the same time (you know how family gatherings are!)
I wore my midi tulle skirt with a crop jumper and Bershka leather jacket, I didn't get to take proper pictures of my OOTD because it was dark by the time we had left and then we got consumed into the festivities. However, do let me know if you want me to wear the outfit again in the near future?!

So, today (day after Boxing Day), we decided to have a mini Christmas dinner, just us as a family.
Mum said I get to pick the restaurant (we usually go for buffets) so I went for a Korean BBQ because I'd been wanting to try one for ages and thought it would be a great experience for all of us.
I chose Yijo in Bethnal Green, I'd never been to one before so had nothing to compare against.

Must say, it was an experience, I know there's Korean BBQ's where a chef does the BBQ-ing for you but at Yijo, we had to do it ourselves. There's a charcoal grill set on the table and you get to cooking, it's literally that simple!

If you haven't tried a Korean BBQ, definitely do, it's so different to your average restaurant.
If you don't like cooking, I suggest one that has the chef cooking for you.
That's my next mission, find an amazing Korean BBQ  where the chef cooks for you (heard it's amazing to watch!)

So that was our Christmas, pretty relaxed, we still need to some sale shopping so that's on the to-do list.
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and got to spend time with their families and eat loads!

I'm wearing

BOOHOO Waterfall Jacket
PRIMARK Cobalt Court Heels

Take care,

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