Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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A quick one!
Yes, legs are out in Winter, I'm telling you guys, this ain't Winter!
I've never seen Winter look so good in the UK. Well, I'm not complaining, nice weather = happy Jesslyn!
My outfit looks pretty winter-y though, doesn't it? This fur gilet has been giving me life, I'm sure I've worn it in nearly every OOTD recently. It's just so easy to throw on and it looks great with everything.
Knit dresses are everything too! Easy to wear, just a jacket and shoes and you're good to go.
What I do want though, is a pair of knee high boots, I'm 5ft3 so the struggle is real, I need a pair that won't swallow my legs up. I tried on a pair in Bershka and they literally went half way up my thigh!
Womp, not good.
If you're within my height region, let me know if you've found a good pair!

Anyway,the year's nearly out, I'm hoping everyone's enjoying their xmas break, I sure am, needed a break from uni so bad. Got tons of work to do though *sigh* but I'll enjoy the new year first and then bam, back to work!

I'm wearing

MATALAN Jumper Knit Dress
JD SPORTS Nike Air Max 90

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  1. Love this look! I've been enjoying wearing knit dresses lately, feels like all I've worn but like you say, so easy to wear and mix and match with :)


    1. Thank you hun! Knit dresses are the best, just got my hands on a few in the Primark sale!

  2. This is such a lovely outfit! I love your dress! I also have the same struggle when it comes to knee high boots!

    Sempiternal Adventures

    1. Thanks love, the struggle is so real, we'll find the perfect pair don't worry haha


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