Thursday, 24 December 2015

Comfy Christmas Nails

Merry Christmas Eve guys!

I'm spending my Christmas differently this year, not very festive but it can't be helped. Moving house is a blessing for everyone but at Christmas, it's so hectic.
I actually spent my Christmas Eve in bed and then in the nail shop, it was ridiculously packed, I thought it would be empty and that everyone would be in their houses with their families.
I was so wrong.
Everyone wanted their nails did, I was actually going to leave doing my nails because I didn't see the point if  'Christmas was cancelled' but I ended up going anyway.

Well, when I finally got round to doing my nails, I changed my mind when it came to painting them, I wasn't feeling the festive designs I had planned to get done.
So I stuck to the nude which seemed comfortable for me regardless of Christmas.

Even though the house is upside down, having my family around makes it so much easier.
I'm sure we can make our Christmas day somewhat festive haha

Hope everyone's having a great Eve and is excited for tomorrow!
Take care,


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  1. Love this colour and your nail shape! Hope moving house went well for you too!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo


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