Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best of FashionSquash 2015

2015 is literally over!
Spending the last day of the year with family like every year, who better to go into the new year with?
FashionSquash has definitely glowed up this year and I must say I'm super proud to be the owner. I've worked so hard on creating better content, it has been a rocky year but I've come out alright, I guess!
There's so much more to come in 2016 but I'd rather just show you guys instead of telling you what I'm going to do, much more exciting.
I love how much support I've received this year, whether it be from my readers, brands, likers on IG and just anyone in general that has wanted to see me progress.

Below is a lowdown on how FashionSquash went in 2015, I love doing posts like this cause you really get to go back and see what you've done over 365 days.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the content I've produced and look forward to bigger and better.

Thanks to everyone for so much love! 2016, we're coming!

And for the last time in 2015, take care,




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