Friday, 20 November 2015

NEW IN | Air Max 90

Ma-huuuu-sive trainer girl and yep, a new pair was due!
You guys always see my new shoe purchases and 80% of the time, it's a pair of trainers. 

I have a nice range of trainers and it was time for something different to add to the collection. 

The Nike Air Max 90. 

These are trainers that I didn't think I'd go for, I had tried them on years ago but weren't feeling them at all.
I walked into JD Sports last week and I saw the black pair and tried them on again and I really, really liked them and then I saw the BLUE.
I was sold!

I love trainers that I don't really see anyone else wear so it was easy to go for the blue, the black were too basic for me.

They're so comfortable and I don't understand why I didn't like them before. I've worn them twice already and to the gym, in under a week haha

They were £60 which is more than I usually pay for trainers because I buy Juniors however Air Max are usually more expensive than other trainers anyway.

But that's it guys, you'll be seeing them in OOTD's soon!

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