Saturday, 28 November 2015

Day In The Life Of A Fashion Student #2

If you missed the first segment of my fashion student life, definitely check it out as no day is ever the same!

This post is slightly different to the first one.
As someone wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry, I also embark on my own things to do other than studying Fashion Design. My blog is one venture but I also love styling, photography etc.

I recently got the opportunity to be an assistant/stylist on a photoshoot for a website launching soon.
I can't say too much about the website or company until the launch so I'll just give you a low down on the day.

The day started off early with the shoot starting at 10am.
I had to do a Tesco run to get some bits for the team to eat which ending up in me buying a lot so I had to get a cab to the location. The struggle was so real!

I arrived at the studio, THRDSSTUDIO, it is a great studio, the likes of  Lethal Bizzle, ODF Clothing and Kendrick Lamar have used this studio and I can see why! I'll definitely keep this studio in mind , if and when I want to do any shoots in the future.
But anyway, the make up artist had already started doing a base on one of the models and the photographer was setting up her bits.
Unfortunately, the lady with all the clothing, shoes and accessories hadn't arrived yet so we were all in limbo. When she finally did arrived, I got cracking with the steaming and hanging up the clothes and laying out the shoes, ready to be styled.

We started off with campaign/lookbook outfits and it took us ages, changing outfits, changing make up, it was a lot.
The models worked so well together during the campaign shoot, it was amazing to see the chemistry and how easy it was for them to just pose together.

After hours of shooting the campaign, it was around 4pm at this point, it was time to take product shoots for each item. Front. Side. Back. For each garment.
It was so long winded but it had to be done!

We finished shooting around 9pm and I was exhausted.
Sitting down for only 5mins throughout the whole day was a killer, I've never been on set of a photoshoot like this before.

It was such a great experience, widening my styling knowledge is something I definitely want to do along with fashion design.
I'm so glad I got the opportunity to get a taste of what's it like, I'd love to more photoshoots where I'm taking a back seat instead of being the designer all the time. It was very different to be on the stylist end of things.
It's great to get a feel of different sectors!

So that was my day guys, I always enjoy what I do even when I complain about how tiring it is.
Getting experience in the fashion industry is a must for any young person trying to get out there, I suggest you get experience in any sector to build your portfolio!

Models IG:
@kcdoll 1, @itsyvonne_c, @eva_smite

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Hope you enjoyed reading guys, take care!


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