Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Ardell Demi Lashes

You know when you're on the hunt for some natural looking lashes and then you finally find them?


My sister actually introduced the Demi Wispies to me even after seeing many MUA's, bloggers and YouTubers, I only truly loved them when I saw them on her.

Loads of brands offer the 'Demi Wispies' but Ardell was the brand I so happened to want to try out. In my local hair and beauty shop, they offer loads of different Ardell lashes but unfortunately didn't have the Demi Wispies so I settled for the Demi's. 
They are somewhat similar but the Demi's are not as 'wispy'.

I love them even though they're not the Wispies, they're very natural looking, not too heavy, not too long. 
The Wispies have a bit of a messiness to them that's why I know I will like them better as they'd look even more natural.

The band is very thin and they're actually very easy to apply.

You'll probably see them in action in my next FOTD so keep a look out!

What are your favourite lashes?
I'd love to know!

Jesslyn x

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