Wednesday, 14 October 2015

REVIEW | MAC Charged Water (Full Review)

On my way to Majorca, I picked up the MAC Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist. I originally wanted the Fix + but they didn't have any in stock.
Duty free is the best opportunity for me to buy MAC products because I don't usually shop there and their products always last until I travel again.
So why not save some £££'s?

Anyway, I purchased the Hydrating Mist as an alternative and used it whilst on holiday and I actually loved it. It was so refreshing to mist on the beach, by the pool and so forth haha

I put it to the full test when I got back and I must say. it definitely did the job.
Whenever I felt that my face needed a bit of freshening up, I'd whip it out and spritz, spritz, voila!

It's especially great for after powdering or 'baking' your face, it eliminates the cakey look and gives you the flawless, glowy face.

I love the packaging, the lock and unlock feature is so smart and gets rid of having lids which is something I hate most. They always get lost and they you're left with an uncovered product.
Being able to twist it open and close is the best!

I bought this mist back in June, so 4 months ago and it's only half way. I use it every time I do my make up so it's lasted very long, plus I also use it throughout the day to refresh.

It's £17.50 but I picked it up in duty free for £14.99 which is a little bit of a discount.
I'd say it's worth the price, it's does a great job and it's a must have in the make up drawers!

I'd love to know if anyone has tried it! Did you like it? Is it worth the money?
Let me know!

Hope you're all well,


  1. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.


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