Saturday, 17 October 2015

OOTD | Yes Sir!

I felt like I was in the military with this outfit on, ready to fly an airplane!

I finally got my hands on a pair of khaki trousers and these ones are ripped cargo chinos. I love the relaxed fit of them and the fact that they are so easy to wear.
I'm loving khaki at the moment and need some more bits and bobs, maybe some knitwear?

Borrowed my sister's bomber that she got off of eBay and definitely want to get my hands on a khaki one and a wine and a navy haha want them all!
I love jackets, how can you not?

Now, let's talk about this ADIDAS cap.
I have been wearing it nearly everyday, to the gym, to uni, to shop, everyday, everywhere!
I love the style of it and how it goes with every outfit.
I need another one as back up lol

So that's it guys, bit of a different outfit, hopefully you can take bits of it and style it up in your own way.
I love these chinos, definitely try and get your hands on them because they're on sale at the moment!

I'm wearing:
EBAY Bomber 
PRIMARK Ribbed Polo Neck
NEW LOOK Khaki Ripped Chinos (sale)
ADIDAS Superstar via Schuh

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