Monday, 19 October 2015

Nude Nails

I'm back to coffin nails, the pointy got really irritating, real quick!
I love stiletto nails but they're so much harder to maintain, they look great but can look bad before you even realise.

I know it's Autumn but I wanted to keep the nails quite subtle instead of going for my usual dark colours. Does everyone actually stick to the rules of dark nails in A/W? 

This nail polish is by Cuccio in the shade, See It All In Montreal.
I love this shade, it compliments my skin tone well and it looks pretty and girly, even though I'm not the "pretty" and "girly" type lol
I hardly do nudes or pinks but it's actually nice to change it up sometimes.

I will embrace the change but my vampy nails are coming back real soon!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the lovely British weather (or not!)


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