Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Basic Hairstyle

Primark Denim Shirt

Your girl has changed her hair once again. 
I can't help it ahhh!

I love being able to change my hair so frequently because I do get bored pretty quick of a certain look.

Long, black hair is my basic, go-to hairstyle, when I'm not sure what I want to do to my hair, I revert back to this hairstyle.

The only thing completely different about this basic style is that it's actually a U-Part wig, it's perfect for me and allows me to fully take care of my natural hair.

I love the texture of this hair because it matches mine so well and reduces the amount of heat I have to use.

Overall, it's just a simple hairstyle and having the U-Part means that I can change it to a side part or keep it a middle, you know, options, options haha

Hair will probably change soon before you know it so definitely stayed tuned because I'll definitely keep you posted.

Hope you're all well, 

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