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My First Year of Uni (Experience, Tips & Advice + more)

What's going on guys?

I am so over this 6 month Summer holiday, you wouldn't believe that I'm literally waiting for the start of uni!

I finished my first year back in April and only the Lord knows how l survived and passed!
It's going to be a long post so get comfortable, I'll label each section with a header so you can skip to bits you're interested in.

At the start of the academic year, I was super excited to finally start my degree, a step closer to completing another personal goal.
The start was great, I was studying the right course for me, made great friends however as the year went on, I found myself stressed and pretty much, forcing myself to finish the year.
I contemplated dropping out and changing university, mainly because of the teachers but I'm glad I stuck to it and finished the year with decent grades.

Living at Home/Moving Out

I decided to stay at home, I live in London and my uni is also in London so I didn't see the use in moving out. As I'm studying a fashion degree, staying in London seemed the smart thing to do.
I also chose to live at home because I felt I would get really depressed living by myself.

I know they say that moving out is best if you want to socialise and make new friends but I didn't find it hard to make friends, in fact I made a friend on enrolment day and we still talk on a daily basis to this date.

If you do decide to move out, just make sure you focus on essentials, for example, rent, food, educational supplies. Do not blow your money on silly things, you will regret it and you will struggle until that next loan payment.

Moving out is a great experience for the average uni student and I would recommend it.
I plan to move abroad for my placement year so I don't completely miss out on the moving experience.


As a fashion student, money disappeared with a blink of the eye, fabric here and there, sketchbook here, journey to central London for fabric sampling, sewing tools etc.

I made a monthly budget so I knew how much I would have left after paying for the essentials, like, phone bill, gym, "essential" food, transport.
Then I put money aside for things like my hair, nails and things that are not as essential but are still a need.
Lastly, the rest of the money is for things I would like to spend my money on, for example, nights out, clothes, make up, Netflix lol and just other things you don't really need.

Something very important to me, is to put money into my savings every month, if you can do it, I recommend that you do.
If you have a job, when you get paid, definitely put money aside after paying all your bills, if you can.

P.S. Wherever you see "student discount", take advantage, every little counts!


Now, this is the bane of my life.
Every month, I pay £101 for travel in London, now times that by the 6 months of uni. . . Right, exactly.

It's ridiculously expensive and all I can say is, put it to good use. Don't decide to take a few weeks to chill at home or party when you could be putting your monthly travel card to use.

Also, think strategically, during the Christmas holidays, I didn't bother to do my monthly because I knew I wouldn't have to travel around as much so I saved myself £101 and just did a one day pass if I needed to get around.

I would really suggest that if you plan to move out, make sure your accommodation is close enough to uni that you don't have to spend your money on transport.

Friends, Haters & the Annoying

Uni's a place where you're supposed to make new friendships but you will also come across people that you don't particularly like and people that just get on your nerves.
Studying fashion means I come across many that grind my gears but I've learnt to control myself and just worry about me.
Like I said at the start, I've made great friends and we all get along very well which is great.
It's always good to have support at uni especially during the tough times.
There were times where we all were struggling with work and being behind but we all had that support system to push us through.

If you are finding it hard to make friends, join clubs/societies that interest you, definitely head to freshers' week because there's many others like you looking to make friends.
Loads of people head to uni with friends from college or school but many don't, so don't forget to smile. A smile could easily spark a conversation.


This is a funny one. I watched so many youtube videos about people's experience as a first year student and all said "keep organised", "don't leave things to the last minute", "do that essay when you first get it" and what did I do? I just brushed it off and said yeah, yeah, I can do it.

I'll admit it now, that was the stupidest thing I did all year.
I was so stressed when I had an essay, a blog, 2 sketchbooks, a portfolio and a garment, all to do in the Easter break.
I was doing allnighters and everything and honestly, I really wished I had started earlier.
I usually work well under pressure but this was something else. Never again.

I'd suggest you get a diary so you can plan your week, stick your timetable up so you can visualise what times you start etc.
Start any work you get early and don't leave it to the last minute.
Create a schedule so you know how long to work for and when to actually take a break.
I go to the gym regularly so that and blogging will be my idea of taking a break haha

So that's it really, just a basic post for you guys. Hopefully it's helped anyone starting uni this year. I'm looking forward to my second year actually, I feel much more ready to tackle all the work.

I live at home so I couldn't give you too much advice on what it's like to live away from home, I'm definitely moving abroad for my placement year so I'll definitely keep you all posted when it comes around.

Hope you're all well and looking forward to starting a fresh academic year!
Take care,



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