Saturday, 15 August 2015

NEW IN | Birkenstock Madrid Eva

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know that I'm a Birkenstock fan. When I first started wearing them, they were the "ugly sandal" until they blew up and everyone started wearing them which was great because no one really calls them ugly anymore haha

Which brings me to my new pair, the Madrid Eva's.

They have the EVA range which in simple terms is a range of rubber Birkenstocks.
I was so excited when I saw them in Schuh because I'd never seen anyone else wear them.

I tried them on and everything, they fit great and were super comfortable as Birkenstocks usually are.

They are made of rubber so taking them to the poolside won't be a problem unlike normal Birkenstock where they can get ruined. 
 The rubber sole also means your feet don't mould the sandal so you have to get the right fit.  
Schuh only offer the narrow fit which were perfect for me however if you have wider feet, I'd suggest going to a Birkenstock store to get the correct fit otherwise  it would be pointless.

Schuh sell the Madrid Eva for £23, I use my student discount in there because why not? haha! So l think I paid £19 or £20 which is good enough for me.

It's a bargain in my eyes for comfortable sandals,  they have a white pair too!

 So these are now added to my Summer footwear, I love them,  definitely get your hands on them if you're a Birkenstock fan. 

Take care guys,  hope you're well, 

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