Saturday, 8 August 2015

NEW IN | Bershka Leather Jacket


Just wanted to quickly show you guys my new leather jacket.

A good jacket is my weakness and I hardly ever leave a shop empty handed if I've seen one, especially one ON SALE!

I went shopping for my birthday and I had to have a look in Bershka because I got my last A/W coat from there, which was also on sale. So it was a must!

I went in and they were having a big sale on most of their items and I spotted this leather beauty.
I'm not usually a fan of coloured leather jackets but I couldn't turn down this burgundy one.

I love the fit and the fur, I'm definitely going to be wearing this like crazy throughout A/W!

I got it on sale for £19.99 reduced from £59.99! Crazy right?!
It's no longer available online so definitely, definitely check your nearest Bershka store if you want to get your hands on this baby.
You can't miss this bargain!

So that's all guys, I couldn't let you guys miss out on this gem!

Take care,


  1. That jacket is gorgeous! I'm after something similar myself, I think a trip to Bershka is needed!

    1. Definitely, have a look! Never know what you might find x


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