Monday, 6 July 2015

OOTD | Preppy Summer

Primark Dress | Select (Black/NudeLoafers | Calvin Klein Tote Bag | Primark Sunglasses
Casio Watch c/o The Watch Hut | Black Tied Personalised Cuff

Hey guys,

First OOTD since I got back from Majorca, feels so weird to be wearing normal clothes. Being able to wear bikinis 24/7 was the life but unfortunately you can't do that here in the UK.

Sooo, here's my preppy outfit for you guys!

I got this dress ages ago but I've never worn it so as soon as the sun was out, I threw it on! I love how it fits and it's so easy to wear.

I wear everything with trainers but I thought maybe I should switch it up and wear a pair of loafers.
These loafers give me life! I got them from Select for £11.99. Check out my new in to see more details.
But anyway, if you're a loafers person, definitely get your hands on them!

So that's my quick summer OOTD for you guys!
I love these loafers, you'll be seeing them a lot more haha

Take care guys,


  1. awww you look so cute! i love that dress

  2. your hair is on point, love your outfit

  3. Love the look


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