Thursday, 11 June 2015

NEW IN | Those Party Shoes


You guys know I love my shoes, whether it be a pair of bad boy trainers or killer heels, shoes are my one true weakness (after food lol)

I finished uni a couple months ago and my treat for handing in all my work and completing the year were these amazing shoes.
I'd been eyeing them up for a while and was apprehensive to purchase them because I'd just bought two pairs of trainers and I had to buy fabric upon fabric for my final piece at uni (priorities, priorities!)
So I left the tab open on my laptop using it as motivation and refreshing it just to make sure my size stayed in stock lol
As soon as I handed in the last piece of work, I ordered them without hesitation.

They arrived within 3 days and literally as I opened the box, I got my camera to shoot for the blog.

I love the suede and zip detail, they'd spice up any outfit. At £24.99, I couldn't pass them up.
I never buy shoes from Shoe Zone and I have no idea how I managed to come across these beauties, must've been fate.

Shoe Zone are doing a 'last chance to buy' on these shoes so definitely don't waste any time!

Have you bought any amazing shoes recently?

Take care guys,

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