Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hey guys!

Summer is here, it's about time and you know what the means. More shopping!

I love buying Summer bits here and there, I'm not really trend person, I like to buy the basics and style them up my own way.

Anyway, I digress. . .

I picked up these amazing loafers from Select recently, when I say I'm a trainers girl, I mean it. I literally wear trainers, all year round without any problem.
On the hot, hot days, I just throw on some sandals and I'm good to go but other than that, I will have on trainers, converses etc.

Back to Select, I was just having a look around for my birthday outfit and I just stopped at the shoe section as you do.
 I spotted these loafers, the black caught my eye first but I didn't like them on, they had a nude pair but they didn't have my size so I went with the grey which were just as cute.

They were £11.99 which is a great price for basic loafers and they're so easy to wear.
I'll probably wear them throughout the Summer but mostly when I start back to uni!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of loafers?
I'd love to know!


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