Friday, 26 June 2015

NEW IN + mini REVIEW | MAC Charged Water (Holiday Edition)

Hey guys,

I've got a little haul slash mini review for you today.
I've just got back from Majorca and boy, how I miss it already, the weather was amazing, all day, everyday however make up was a no-go.

I'm always adamant on doing my eyebrows and a little bit of concealer for pictures sake but sliding eyebrows are not cute.
Before I even boarded the plane, I headed to duty free MAC. I actually went to pick up another Fix+ but they didn't have any in stock (boo!) so I opted for the Skin Hydrating Mist.

The lady behind the counter said they more or less do the same thing so I just purchased it anyway and agreed to picking up a Fix+ when I get home.

Throughout my holiday, I was misting all over the place!
As soon as I did my make up, I'd mist, mist, mist and then as my make up started to look a bit dead or if I felt my skin was feeling beat up from chlorine water, I'd just spray a little something.

I love how it dries and doesn't leave my face look oily and blends all my make up together, helping it to settle into the skin.

Now I'm back in the UK, I'll be doing some further testing however from my holiday, I can say, I really do like it.

Duty free is always the place to buy products you haven't used before because they're cheaper.
I got this Charged Water for £14.99 when it's originally £17.50 for 100ml so a little bit of change for your pocket.

I look forward to using it some more especially with a full face of make up, definitely keep a look out for a full review! I'd love to know if any of you have tried it, did you love it or nah?

Take care guys and don't forget to check out Day 1 and 2 of Majorca!



  1. I heard good things about this product. I love your blog please check out mine

    1. It's some good stuff, keep a look out for the full review! I'll definitely check out your blog xo


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