Tuesday, 23 June 2015

NEW IN | Karrimor Running Tops

You guys know I've joined the gym now and buying gymwear is my new obsession so seeing a mini haul is going to be inevitable haha

Anyway, I really wanted some t-shirts so I searched online and couldn't really find any I liked.
SportsDirect is the place to go for me, their prices are super reasonable and they stock the major brands.

I'm becoming a huge Karrimor fan and when I fell in love with the leggings, I thought 'why not try the tops?' So I did!

I got 2 for £13 which is dirt cheap and I couldn't resist. Prices always vary because they're constantly on sale. I bought mine in store which is why I could make use of the deal.

They had loads of colours but I wanted something that would match the leggings and bras I already had.

I definitely want more of them, they fit great, they're super soft and comfortable and most importantly, they're quick dry!

Links are below for purchasing so have a look, you might just fall in love. I'm thinking to do a gym lookbook so you guys can see what I wear to the gym. 
Let me know if that's something you'd like to see!

Take care,
Jesslyn x

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