Saturday, 27 June 2015

Majorca Day 3

 Hello my lovelies,

Hope you're all enjoying my Majorca diary!

Day 3.

Pretty relaxed day, woke up and chilled by the pool after breakfast, picking up a few drinks (Sex On The Beach, course!)

After lunch, we decided to take the 360 steps down the cliff edge (my idea of hell haha) and sunbathe and soak in all the views.

For me, having a fear of deep water and heights, it was a big accomplishment to be able to get to the bottom and spend hours on the edge and then climb back up.

It was so beautiful though, I'm glad I pushed through and had someone like Orlinda that could encourage me to, unlike the last time where I just froze at the sight of the vast sea.

It was ridiculously hot (36 degrees) but we just embraced the heat and lay there like frying chickens.
Orlinda was itching to climb down into the water so she had her bit of a thrill while I filmed, took pictures and just prayed she didn't hurt herself!

When the sun started to go down, we headed back up to our bungalow in time for a quick change before dinner.
To see the sunset everyday was just so lovely, we couldn't help but take pictures, every single day!

So that's Day 3 for ya.
If you missed Day 1 or 2, definitely check them out, outfit details below!

Bikini | AliExpress
Dress (old) | H&M
Sunglasses | Primark

Playsuit* | InLoveWithFashion

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