Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Graduate Fashion Week 2015

Hey guys,
I was able to attend Graduate Fashion Week again this year and as an aspiring fashion designer, I was super excited to see what was out there.
For those that don't know about what GFW is, it's basically a week of fashion just like LFW and NYFW but it's all about the fashion graduates showcasing their final uni collections.
It's their chance to get their work out there as they graduate and hopefully snap up a sweet job in their chosen sector.
GFW is a great event for grabbing inspiration, there's so many different aesthetics that you're bound to love something.
This year's exhibition wasn't actually that great compared to previous years, there were a few gems and it was nice to speak to students too.
I got to see the University of East London show, which had a nice variety of aesthetics, there were quite a few designers that I really liked.
I'm a huge coat person and some of the coats/jackets I saw, I literally fell in love with them.
I'd say Menswear did it better this year, I love the structure of men's coats and the androgynous look on women.
Below are pictures from the day, so definitely have a look at the different collections, I'd love to know what your favourite look/s are!
Hope you're all well!



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