Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hey guys!

Summer is here, it's about time and you know what the means. More shopping!

I love buying Summer bits here and there, I'm not really trend person, I like to buy the basics and style them up my own way.

Anyway, I digress. . .

I picked up these amazing loafers from Select recently, when I say I'm a trainers girl, I mean it. I literally wear trainers, all year round without any problem.
On the hot, hot days, I just throw on some sandals and I'm good to go but other than that, I will have on trainers, converses etc.

Back to Select, I was just having a look around for my birthday outfit and I just stopped at the shoe section as you do.
 I spotted these loafers, the black caught my eye first but I didn't like them on, they had a nude pair but they didn't have my size so I went with the grey which were just as cute.

They were £11.99 which is a great price for basic loafers and they're so easy to wear.
I'll probably wear them throughout the Summer but mostly when I start back to uni!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of loafers?
I'd love to know!


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Majorca Day 3

 Hello my lovelies,

Hope you're all enjoying my Majorca diary!

Day 3.

Pretty relaxed day, woke up and chilled by the pool after breakfast, picking up a few drinks (Sex On The Beach, course!)

After lunch, we decided to take the 360 steps down the cliff edge (my idea of hell haha) and sunbathe and soak in all the views.

For me, having a fear of deep water and heights, it was a big accomplishment to be able to get to the bottom and spend hours on the edge and then climb back up.

It was so beautiful though, I'm glad I pushed through and had someone like Orlinda that could encourage me to, unlike the last time where I just froze at the sight of the vast sea.

It was ridiculously hot (36 degrees) but we just embraced the heat and lay there like frying chickens.
Orlinda was itching to climb down into the water so she had her bit of a thrill while I filmed, took pictures and just prayed she didn't hurt herself!

When the sun started to go down, we headed back up to our bungalow in time for a quick change before dinner.
To see the sunset everyday was just so lovely, we couldn't help but take pictures, every single day!

So that's Day 3 for ya.
If you missed Day 1 or 2, definitely check them out, outfit details below!

Bikini | AliExpress
Dress (old) | H&M
Sunglasses | Primark

Playsuit* | InLoveWithFashion

Friday, 26 June 2015

NEW IN + mini REVIEW | MAC Charged Water (Holiday Edition)

Hey guys,

I've got a little haul slash mini review for you today.
I've just got back from Majorca and boy, how I miss it already, the weather was amazing, all day, everyday however make up was a no-go.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Majorca Day 2

Day 2!

We decided to go to the beach so we got up, nice and early and headed straight to breakfast for 8:30am.
Taking amazing pictures of the view and with the view was always a must in the mornings.

We caught a bus that cost  only 2 euros and we were on our way to Arenal beach!
The view was so beautiful, seeing the palm trees, sand, blue waters was just amazing.

 We spent the whole day there, dancing around in the water, laying in the sun, being approached by a million and one ladies selling watermelon, not cool at all!

We ate at a restaurant nearby called Restaurante Del Sol or Cafe Del Sol and we had lasagne and pizza. Obviously had to get one of my favourite cocktails, Tequila Sunrise, mm!

We headed back around 7pm just in time for dinner, changing outfits of course.
We wouldn't be fashion students if we didn't change at least once.

We always try and stay up for the entertainment but by 10pm we are literally sitting there like zombies haha
So that was it for Day 2, Day 3 coming shortly, more views for you guys !

Again, all my outfit details are below, I've tried my best to link everything!

Thanks for reading guys,
Jesslyn x

Bikini | eBay
Crochet Halter Top | AliExpress
Shorts | Primark
Head Chain | eBay

Halter Dress (old) | InLoveWithFashion*
Nude Sandals | Primark
Sunglasses | Primark

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

NEW IN | Karrimor Running Tops

You guys know I've joined the gym now and buying gymwear is my new obsession so seeing a mini haul is going to be inevitable haha

Anyway, I really wanted some t-shirts so I searched online and couldn't really find any I liked.
SportsDirect is the place to go for me, their prices are super reasonable and they stock the major brands.

I'm becoming a huge Karrimor fan and when I fell in love with the leggings, I thought 'why not try the tops?' So I did!

I got 2 for £13 which is dirt cheap and I couldn't resist. Prices always vary because they're constantly on sale. I bought mine in store which is why I could make use of the deal.

They had loads of colours but I wanted something that would match the leggings and bras I already had.

I definitely want more of them, they fit great, they're super soft and comfortable and most importantly, they're quick dry!

Links are below for purchasing so have a look, you might just fall in love. I'm thinking to do a gym lookbook so you guys can see what I wear to the gym. 
Let me know if that's something you'd like to see!

Take care,
Jesslyn x

Monday, 22 June 2015

Majorca Day 1

Hey guys,

Landed in Majorca at 1 am and got a super quick transfer to the Sun Club El Dorado and obviously dragging a suitcase full of my wardrobe and make up drawers tired us out so off to sleep we went.

Woke up, nice and early, 7am to be exact, got ready and headed straight to the pool to grab a sun bed.

Breakfast is at 8am so went to see what we could have to eat, pretty basic, bread rolls, croissants, hams, cheeses, the cereals, something for everyone.

After breaky, we went back to the pool to soak up the 28 degree sun, we literally sun bathed all day. It was so nice to be able to just relax without a care in the world.

The complex has 3 pools so we took advantage of the sun and moved to the upstairs pool and it was much more peaceful up there.

1pm came and it was time for lunch and again, basic but it-will-do, they had rice, pasta, chicken, potato wedges etc.

The heat started to get a bit unbearable so we took a little break and headed to the bar.
We booked an all inclusive holiday so you can imagine how many drinks we had, I think we had around 11 Sex On The Beach's EACH that day! haha!

Dinner at 7pm.

As the sun started to set, we thought it would be nice to take a look at the 360 step passage to the cliff edge which for me was the most terrifying thing on the way down and the way back up!
But it was lovely to see the sunset and the beautiful sky over the vast sea.

They had entertainment for the evening, so we sat and watched until we were exhausted haha

So that's Day 1 of Majorca! All my outfit details are listed below too so definitely check it out.
Don't believe in buying expensive swimwear because they always getting ruined so most of my kit is either from Primark, eBay or AliExpress, there's also a few bits that have been gifted to me by brands!

Bucket Hat | eBay
Swimsuit | eBay
Kimono (old) | InLoveWithFashion*
Sliders | Primark

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for Day 2!

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