Thursday, 7 May 2015

NEW IN | Converse High Tops

A month doesn't go by where I don't buy a pair of shoes.
I have a shopping addiction, I can proudly admit that and my mum's very glad that I can admit it and doesn't have a crazy daughter that thinks her excessive shopping is normal haha

But anyways, I've been wanting the all black Converses for the longest time and I've finally got a pair!

I'm a high tops girl so buying the high tops was a no brainer. I always thought Converses run a size smaller but they don't.
I'd recommend anyone buying them, to buy them in store, buying them online is tricky.
I asked for a 6 thinking that it would be okay to order a size up but wanted to be sure so the Schuh guy kindly got out a 5 for me.
The 5 fit like a glove and I was so happy I had tried it on.

They retail for £48 in Schuh but with a student discount I got them for £43.20.
Any discount is a good discount, right?

I love them, I've been wearing them nearly everyday (other than when I go to the gym), they go with everything and they're super comfortable after they've been broken in.

I'd love to know if anyone has a pair and how they'd style them!

Hope everyone's having a good week and thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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